Commission jackets require a 20% deposit at the time of order. For commission jackets that are based on already-made designs,   a predetermined price is listed on the design. The Customer will provide the final 80% upon the finished item. When the item is finished the designer will contact the customer with photos of the finished jacket once both designer and customer are happy the customer will provide the final payment. The custom piece will not be shipped  or delivered until this final payment is provided.


personal jacket designing policy:

 If customer chooses to provide their own jacket, the overall price is reduced by $30. the customer’s personal jacket should be mailed to at address provided upon request. My Royal heart will provide an estimated delivery date once the customer’s personal jacket has been received.  Commission jackets are all made based on a 2 weeks production time in the case of advanced products up to 1 week additional timeline. Jackets are created on first come policy when purchasing we will relay where you are in the list and the timeline will be accordingly ( approximately 2 weeks per person in front of you) designer will update through process  1 a week or as needed to update where you are in the list. If customer has a deadline designer will work with customer to get done in time but due to time restraints and process difficulty, we cannot guarantee a date.   


Commission design: 


If the commissioned piece is not an already-made design, the price of the item will be determined by My Royal Heart based on the complexity of the work:


Intermediate Customization


Intermediate designs take 10-19 hours. The designs fall into two categories small  intricate pieces such as floral designs with little space to fill or simple designs that have large areas to fill in such as An American flag.

$300- $550


Beginner Customization 


all designs are hand embroidered and special, even beginner customization takes a minimum of 5 hours. these designs are simpler smaller designs that have a small "fill area"  

$175- $275


Advance customization


My signature styles take over 20 hours to create. florals and large designs take time to create as they are intricate work that and many techniques. while large pieces take time to creat given the large amount to fill and many require multiple colors (such as portraits) , which take time to not only embroider but color match and change threads constantly.


Customers purposed design will be quoted in one of the three categories and pricing will be confirmed before stated. The 20% down payment is based on the high-end price of the category; if the design is a Beginner design it will be based on the price of $275 x 20% = $55,  intermediate designs are $550 X20%= $110 advanced designs are $1000 x 20%= $200. Pricing is based on the number of hours spent on a jacket; My Hearts Royal will attempt to provide as accurate an estimate as possible for the work required, and will not charge beyond 10% of the initial estimate. For final payment designer records time and then based on the actual time you will be sent your final price. If time goes over the time category time told you will be charged the top category instead of actual price, if the production time is below the top of the price point your final payment will be your down payment minus your final price. 


To add words to a jacket, the price is:

  • $10 per letter for the back of the jacket (approximately 4” tall letters)

  • $2.50 per letter for the front of the jacket (approximately .5” tall letters)

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