Understanding the  art of embroidery and pricing 

Hand Embroidery is a dying art while its sister Machine embroidery is popular and widely available few can imagine the time it takes to create beautiful interact hand designs this page is to help you have an understanding of the variation in pricing unlike machines embroidery its not simply size and number of colors.  my art pricing is mainly based on the time it takes to create a pieces.

Beginner Customization 

all designs are hand embroidered and special, even beginner customization takes a minimum of 5 hours. these designs are simpler smaller designs that have a small "fill area"  

$175- $275


Intermediate Customization


Intermediate designs take 10-19 hours. The designs fall into two categories small  intricate pieces such as floral designs with little space to fill or simple designs that have large areas to fill in such as An American flag.

$300- $550

Advance customization


My signature styles take over 20 hours to create. florals and large designs take time to create as they are intricate work that and many techniques. while large pieces take time to creat given the large amount to fill and many require multiple colors (such as portraits) , which take time to not only embroider but color match and change threads constantly.