DIY present for mom

for mothers day me and i my sister decided to make some silhouette art. as children when each of us went on our first trip to disneyland we had our silhouettes done on main street. we were there a few weeks ago and wanted to do it again now that we are older but there was line so we decided not to. for this project we

first went to michaels to get 8X11 size board.

then we took photos against a light background looking straight forward

after that we cropped the photo so our faces took up the majority of the photo

then printed them to 8.5 X 11 paper (standard printer size)

after that we cut out the face (making sure to get the detail)

we traced onto the board for the raw wood and onto old map (i bought an old atlas at a thrift shop)

for the map ones i cut out again and sprayed with spray adhesive and gently laid down

for the raw wood ones i burned the outline in with a wood burner

finally i sprayed the wood with clear coat


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