a few months ago i got a great opportunities to work at the super bowl, I worked the VIP room at the 50 yard line. My birthday present from my mom and my da was to stay in new york for the week with my mom. While we were there my cousin had arranged my mother and I to go to Vogue and tour and have a meeting with her best friend, Sylvana Durrett. at the meeting we talked about if there were any opportunities at Vogue for me, Sadly the internship program at Condé Naste because of being sued by previous interns(really people you have to kill everyone’s fun). But Sylvana as head of Director of Special Projects at Vogue her biggest duty was putting on and designing the metropolitan The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute's annual gala (met gala) as such a big project she was able to take on some freelancers and hired me on the spot to come back for a week or so and work on the gala. after finishing my last final (well besides the one I was excused from for the gala) i headed on train to new york with way to much luggage. I headed to wear i was stay. Webster apartments, then in the morning i headed to the subway at port authority up to natural history museum and went through park I felt so weird in my work clothes with everyone in work out gear. And then went to grab some food before meeting the ladies from. We Started the day at the met museum the tent for the red carpet is all set up. The museum was closed and there like 50 vogue employees we did a walk through going through everyone's job, I'll be in the dining room sitting people the exhibit is still under construction, so we didn’t get to go through. finally The dining room is so pretty starting to put up decorations. All the interns ubered it back to the office our first task was to get us dresses for the gala they had 50 or so dresses that were pastel light and flowey we choose a bunch took them to the closet got changed into them it was kind depressing they all were way to long and way to small, but finally I tried a pink Haulsten and this gorgeous gold and silver skirt the clothing department suggested I put a sold top on with the skirt but allowed me to check out booth they took photos to send to Ana to approve. after i got that all squared away I needed to unpack 20 iPads that would serve as table charts for us sitters the night of gala. I need to download all 30 tables on all the 20 iPads so I came up with setting up an iCloud account and then doing one and from there we were able to restore all the rest from the cloud. After I that I had a chance to breath so I went down to Zara to get a shirt to wear with the skirt as the clothing department suggested and got 3 choice. after that i just helped with jobs mainly seating i learned that really in party planning that’s really the biggest job and it never is over. i felt supper cool because i saw all the people on the list and then when i was playing on internet and the internet was like will Kim Kardashian be at the met gala this Monday and i was like yes she will but that’s top secret I’m so cool.

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