The Met Gala

When we got to the met, everything was roped off the red carpet was up and there were guards and barriers we tried to go in an entrance where the media would go that night and they said we cant and told us to go in the side entrance where the loading dock was. Once we got in we went to the American wing where dinner would be held that night. All the assistance were at the back of the room and we worked on the seating charts, some more and checked all the name cards were right at the tables. The calligrapher was still there working on names, quite an art I don’t know how she did it.

There continued to be last minute changes, once we could get dressed, we were told to have the base layer of makeup done so we could just through ourselves together fast, I have done my makeup that morning at the office and had my hair done at the blow bar that Saturday and had it in a tight bun ever since, So I just had to through my sweater and skirt as well as my wedges.

After that we had to move all our stuff to the staff cafeteria, which is pretty far I made the trips many times in my 6” high wedges. While I was running back and forth the vogue staff started going through the final walk through and getting into position there were also quiet a few of selfies going on with the giant dress made of roses. Sylvana arrived (after the driver decided to pick up a different person) she started to do a walk through and then came and did the final seating charts (or so I thought) which meant I had to run down to the cafeteria to get the seating charts. After that, Anna did her own walk through. With a sigh, we waited for the guest to start arriving. Once word got around that jay z decided to show up rather than Beyoncé coming solo serious changes had to be made she was seated front and center at a 10 top table and there was no way to accommodate another guest at that table so the met staff had to roll in a whole new table, completely redecorate, reset, and everything. Luckily the calligrapher was still there, and we had a big decision jay Z or Shaun Carter after talking and then texting someone from their party we put Shaun Carter.

With all that we really were done with seating. Guest walked the red carpet, then went to the receiving line where they met Anna Winters, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bradley Cooper, and Sylvana Durrett,( I think there was someone from the met as well not quiet sure). After that they went through the exhibit and then went into cocktail hour. After cocktail hour, the guests were supposed to start moving into the dining (they really didn’t start to pour in for another 30 minutes). There were two ways to go an odd table route (which were tables toward the front) and an even route (tables table towards the back). We as sitters lined the doors we were also either even or odd.

My first guest I showed to his seat was Matt Bomer, he plays Neil on White Collar, I totally worked out I told him that when I saw his name on seating arrangements that morning that I sent a picture to my friends and they were super jealous I also told him that I love his show it was kind of embarrassing because after that I really couldn’t find his table in the end, I did and he was so nice so soft spoken and after he gave me a hug so sweet and then he was like actually where’s the bathroom I dint know and told him the waiters would know. After that, I went back to my post, and he left through those doors and told me if anyone asked they were straight through the doors. The next guest I sat was Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra Lee, he was huge in person, I did much better this time finding their table but still some problems luckily I had some time because she stopped to talk to everyone after we were pretty close I just told him its over there and he said thank you. I also tried to seat mayor Bloomberg and his date and daughter they had two assistants that were very pushy about getting them seated by someone so tried to help mayor Bloomberg was kind of just floating behind the ladies and they were very talkative with everyone and I tried to get them going, but they are the guests so I never like to be too pushy finally one of the assistants asked if I wanted her to just seat them since I wasn’t having any luck with it I just let them. I noticed a lot of the cool people were coming in through the odd doors so I kind of wanted to stay there and seat them, but I hate people who do that, after all your there to work not see celebrities it just a plus. When I returned to the even door I helped a couple where the man was quit old and he seemed to be with a model I helped them to their seats it took awhile and I almost hit him with a branch (oops) but finally got them seated on my way out I saw Giselle and Tom Brady I asked them if they needed help and they told me their numbers and it was the same table I had just sat the other couple so I told them it was right there and they were super nice and cute.

At this point it was getting supper filled and hard to move there were no real designated route and people were supper chatty and so it got hard seating people wanting to take them right to their seat but not wanting to be rude to other guests. Some guests told me that their seater just pointed, so I tried to go above and beyond to get them to their seats. When I was at the door, I saw Shaun White come in (as a girl from park city, Utah that’s super awesome) I asked if he needed help getting seated and he gave me his number, but another girl walked up and was like oh I just sat someone there so I can take you (I couldn’t exactly be like no I love him let me take him) so I graciously said okay. As the guests started to slow down their entrances, we were encouraged to get them to sit down and then told to head down to the staff cafeteria.

Once we headed to the staff cafeteria, we were fed; they head all the food they were serving upstairs for the most part just serve yourself. They also had drinks, soda, and wine, juice ect. I am a really picky eater so just had a cookie and a coke and sat to talk to some of the girls we shared stories from our different postings it was nice to talk and I took off my shoes and saw all the sores and bumps on my feet. I asked if there was anything I could do to help, so I collected all the iPads. And then we were to head up to help quite the room for a special performance. They asked us to wait in the doorway for a bit and line the wall so guest could walk past. I found this photo that I was standing right behind the photographer when they took it.

Once we were in allowed in we just ended up mixing in and waiting for the performance the shushing of the people that Anna wanted us to do didn’t really work out. Then we got news that when the performer came on we were suppose to dance between the tables. But first the orchestra started playing all the girls in long black dresses in top hats tilted. At this point, we were off to the side, but people were still in between the tables and Mary-Kate Olsen got really annoyed because we were blocking her view (there like really tiny like mouse tiny). Finally, frank Ocean started singing, but he didn’t play a song that was dance worthy. But some vogue girls and guys tried and basically made a big blob in the middle of the table area which I’m sure blocked more people then got them in the mood. After his first song, he said that it was his mom's birthday and dedicated the next song to her ( I dint know who he was so I can't tell you the songs he sang). After his performance they blasted “Drunk in love.” And I think a lot of the guests thought Beyoncé was singing it but she wasn’t. I never saw Queen B, but I could see Jay-Z from where I was standing, and he was rocking out to the song. After that the night was pretty much over so we walked down to the staff cafeteria got our stuff and were told that we would all come into the offices later than usual. I walked out the main entrance and where I saw Gisele and Tom Brady looking into each other’s eyes no cameras around they were so cute. I walked out, and there were people across the street barricaded off and screaming and flashes it was weird, I had no shoes on and a pile of stuff with me. I ubered it back to my room and then in the morning I got a text from the offices that since they were on a strict budget they din't need me anymore and flew home that night.

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