The Morning of the Gala

The morning of the met gala, I was to work at the vogue offices at 9 am, as a west coaster that is super late to get to work, but that worked for me. The weirdest thing happened to me on my way to work, so the Condé Nast offices are Right Off Time Square and so since I left early, I had time to go to Starbucks and sit and wait. While I was enjoying my breakfast (only food I actually eat for the day) I had this old guy in a wheel chair tell me to stop being so judgmental which I really don’t think I was thinking about anything besides the day ahead, if anything I might have been thinking how gross his wife’s cigarette on a napkin next to me was. After that another guy sat down and continue to talk me into circles about how he had just been discharged and had a job interview this afternoon and how he just needed twenty dollars I finally I just gave it to him even though I don’t completely believe in that (judge all you want but that’s just my belief I give in other times). Anyways after that I headed to the offices where I was to man the phones. At first it was pretty boarding I helped get the program fashion GPS setup on someone’s Ipad and then calls started to coming in, J Crew didn’t get blanks card for entrance , and then someone from some office couldn’t open the purse that vogue sent over, then someone who had talked to Anna and wanted blank to come to the gala. The most exciting call came when Harvey Weinstein called personally because he wanted Gerry Ross to come to the gala to observe for a movie that had to do with the met gala. I don’t know if he ended up going but it was kind of embarrassing because when he called the first thing that came to mind when he said who he was, was that oh you belong to bighorn (a country club in palm desert) and was like yea my family belongs there too he asked who my dad was and then went on to tell me what he needed. With all the calls I had really no authority, so I had to email everything I got to Sylvana’s main assistants. I texted them and found out when they wanted me to be at the met, all the met employees were suppose to be there at 4:00 for their final walk through, but they asked if me and Ann, another intern who was working for born free on the mothers day carnival, could head up at 2:00 and we could bring their dresses and other little things. So we ubered up to the met and stopped at Sylvana’s hotel for the night to give her a bra for her dress for the gala.

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