MOVING ABROAD "My mind may be American, but my heart is British&

Most college students at some time in their college career will take some time and study abroad weather for two weeks or a semester or even a year. I have taken on a whole new challenge this semester I started at a university in London. I always have London despite my lack of travel here, besides my one time when I was 2, which I have little memories outside of photos. So far I have heard a month and a week. Its been an interesting journey so far from the beginning for starts if anyone comes with baggage its me, but no problem because we prepared for this we called delta we asked as a silver medallion how many bags i got and how much they weighed they told us that i could have 2 bags weighing 65Ib each so i packed, weighed, repacked weighed and then packed again. Until finally I had two bags that were each around 65ib and decided that since I was going to be in london for so long that we would pay for a third bag. And yet when we did finally get to the airport and it turned out it was all a lie, so we spent about twenty minutes telling people what we were told on the phone and finally got them to waive the fee (which was amazing since it was original over $600). In the end, it was all topped off with a red cherry by getting to upgraded to first class on my first flight from salt lake city to new york. When I got to new york after an amazing time flying I got to the gate for the London flight, I had lost my ticket and when I went up to get it I found out I had been upgraded, which is literally one of my dreams to fly first class international in in flat chair, i was a very happy camper, until the flight attendant informed me that there was a MISTAKE because this was suppose to be X-ed out as it was for the captain to sleep in during the flight. So they moved me back to coach in a normal seat which, in an middle row aisle seat towards the back which would have been fine but i had taken the time to get a economy plus (because of my intense anxiety with small places) and freaked out called my mom who freaked out and made me give my phone to flight attendant who she precede to yell at,and had to call the gate agent, luckily i was the only one who had seat problem they had actually taken my seat from a women who had a family on the flight so they offered me a later flight with first class and to wait in the sky club. From there, everything went normal although first class was the AMAZING. When I finally landed in London, the hard stuff went easy, and the easy stuff was hard. I breezed through customs like I'm talking 25 minutes from the plain to curbside (thanks to first-class ticket). Once i got through customs i had somehow lost my phone which i had the hotel address after 30 minutes on the curb by the black cabs, they would not take me to a Marriott if i dint know which one it was. So i went inside to customer service where they found the hotel and then they hired me a mini cab but made the ULTIMATE error i didn't ask the price until I got to the hotel a whopping £118 yea that was a £50 ride top maybe £80. I was RIPPED off. when i was at the hotel i was beat i had planned to leave NYC at 7 pm go to sleep get in at 7AM and stay awake all day but instead i boarded at 12 am got in at 11am after sleeping for 4 hours ( i had to stay awake for food i was in first class and had to stay awake to eat and watch a free movie). so when i got to the hotel i took a bath and slept (bad moved) my mom was freaking out and called the hotel (i was asleep) and called my phone, my saving grace as someone heard my phone and put it in the delta/virgin offices and i received it 2 day later.


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