Photo tour of Westminster​

The first morning when I travel somewhere I ended up waking up super early like 3 am early that's what happened my first morning in London, but there're great perks to waking up at that hour. When the sun finally peeks out I suggest go EXPLORE the city if you love photography like I do its the perfect time to get those beautiful shots the listing is perfect photographers call it MAGIC HOUR.

The other perk of taking a morning walk is that there is no one around, ^ this photo is nearly impossible to get a good one of during the day the sidewalks are scattered with millions of tourist who need to take the same picture over and over again its truly awful. That's the other thing you can get the lighting effect in the afternoon right before sunset, but the sidewalks are crowded. When taking photos on trips i always remember a Billion people have been there and taken the same picture so remember get creative or go iconic the photo above i love because it has the double decker bus and the clock tower. The photo below i love because it has that beautiful gate in it i love metal work the details in such a basic thing its a barrier to keep out people but once upon a time they cared what they put up and don't just go with one size fits all. The other thing is that a million people will have a photo of the tower clock but the fence is nowhere as possible and yet so intriguing.

the other photos I love is status this stands on the bridge next to Westminster and its of Britannica its classic it stands for Britain and it still "artsy".

I remember driving into London, and this was one of the things that I found so odd seeing the British flag as the flag.It sounds stupid but when you fly here its not a massive culture shock (they speak english after all), but the flag its this thing of culture as a lover of London had a million things with the union jack on it but seeing it fly was really surprising. So this photo is really personal because it holds that memories for me.

I love this photo its so beautiful just classic.

This is one of my other favorite photos its a close up on the building. When traveling around Europe i'm always amazed when looking at these old builds that we don't have in the us as much (nor as old) of the detail they put in i love a good close up the details they put in is Amazing.

After all i think the biggest benefit of waking up at this hour and taking a walk is the peace and awakeness it gives you its so wonderful the city is quite the people around are just people going to work and the realization that you are there is AMAZING.

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