Cannes "Cannes you be Nice"

Cannes what to say about Cannes, besides my cheese pun “Cannes you be Nice.” Anyways my sister, her friend, my friend and myself all took off to Cannes in the middle September a few weeks after we started school. A week before my sister texted me and was like “wanna go to canes” I was like “what?!!!, sure?” it turned out that my sister had been playing around on Marriott looking for beach locals and had found an Amazing DEAL on the JW Marriott Hotel. So I texted my friend we got two rooms and headed off to Cannes a week later. JW’s are the top tear of the Marriott Franchise and are really nice. This one is very outdated, but staying beach front is unbeatable so I can't complain as well as the rooms are super cool, with blown up black and white photos of celebrities at the Film Festival, Cannes is known for, as the wallpaper its really cool.

Outside of the hotel Cannes is Awesome to be honest it's not some place I expected to go to while studying in Europe, but who doesn’t want to go to the south of France. We timed it perfect being there right after the season of July and August. A few day before we headed off my sister texted me if I had set an itinerary (that’s kind of my thing) for the weekend, I texted back yea beach, eat, sleep. To be honest after that, I did research on Cannes as a “tourist” and dint see anything, so I didn't know what to expect.

My friend and myself flew in at 8 in morning into Nice took a taxi ( I guess there is a bus that’s way more affordable but we couldn’t figure it out and dint really want to mess with it at 8 in the morning having woken up at 3.) The taxi did cost 100 euros so yea spendy, but we were happy to be there. When we got to the hotel our room was ready (plus), so we got comfortable, changed into our swimsuits headed out. The hotel had a deal with one of the beach clubs that liter the long stretch of beach 15 euros and you got a beach chair and towel and space on the beach for the whole day, great deal for us so we booked and head out first we walked around a little and then headed for the beach and got our beach on. It was amazing just soaking in the sun. The water was perfect for swimming the beach was pretty empty it was ideal we ordered some water and fries, which were good and nice to have the service but really we could have walked across the street grab some to go a bring back for half the price.

After a while I got antsy being me and the other girls got hungry so we headed out to find a restraint one of the girls guy friend had suggested and grab some lite food before heading back to hotel to change and shower before heading out to find dinner. The main road with the expensive shops, nice hotels, and restaurants are mostly one sided as the other side is the beach. We walked around this street, looking at each, and every menu realizing it was all out of our budget, having not explored the towns too much we had no Idea where to head the one rule was no pizza, as my sister and her friend were living in Rome and had enough pizza. Most restaurants that were affordable were ITALIAN!!! Not so exciting for those living in Italy, finely after starving they found one they thought was okay (it was Italian). After dinner, my sister and I headed back while our friends went out and had some fun in the town.

Day 2 was much the same we woke up and head for the beach after grabbing a croissant at one of the street vendors. What can I say it was another glorious day there was a glorious view we swam out as far as the boat limit found a cement base preventing the boats from coming in and we stood and enjoyed the view. I also took a walk down the whole beach down to the public beach and back and got the some amazing photos as well I saw all sorts of France’s well-known assets.

After a while I got antsy again and couldn’t pursued the girls to come walk around the town but since my friend had stayed back I found her at the hotel and persuaded her to walk the town with me. I’m so glad I did because we would have missed so much we walked the street where all the shops were but we walked the entire street from where our hotel was towards the castle, the shopping wasn’t a huge draw for us although it was cheaper then London still not something either of us needed although we did find some great pastries (we’re in France) but at the end of the street we found the real town, the castle on the hill, charming buildings and the Mariana.

The Marina this weekend was the key as there was a giant Yacht race going on there was lots going on we saw gorgeous boats it was very exciting. After we walked back along the beach enjoyed the view took some photos, stopped for drinks at the Armani café seems gimmick but was same price past the other bars and cafes and thought it would be fun and more importantly had a great view.

The original plan was we were going to take a train to Monaco but felt it was a long way to go for not a lot there as well as the time it took. My friend and I decided to stay back while my sister and her friend went. We had a nice dinner at the hotel, walked a bit and got some ice cream, and relaxed on the sidewalk facing the water and eat the ice cream. An amazing end to the day and trip.

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