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londons shopping is endless i havent in a month hit even half of london's shoping its almost so expencive as the top econmy in the world its hard to find anything in your price range. but london has two beuty to enjoy fashion no one ever siad you have to buy fashion from exploreing the stores and dreaming of what to buy to as well as hit all the bautful mesuems london is the birthplace of so many fashion designers it will make your head spin as well as fashion entrupners from Alexander McQueen to Mr. selfridge its easy to see where the insperation comes to creat these great.


liberty to was always a legend my mom would always talk about how one day i would finally go back to london and go to liberty my sister would also talk about liberty and how special it was. so when i arrived in london it was a top priority for me to and see this magical place i had been told about for so long. after being hear for a week i finally made a journey to this beloved spot. lberty is most well for there famouse fabrics of beutful flower patterns.

people often refer to the store as liberty of london the its real name is liberty. though the flower fabric is there signiture liberty is so much more then that. freom the outside of the building 3 tutor building remold and kept as orginal as possible one of my fabric details walking up yo the store was the ship Weather Vane. then you step in the door and you senses are overwhelmed for starts you have flower room and a whole room with scarfs, which make you question how 4 square feet of fabric can be worth so much and yet still you are amazed with the scarfs still from the liberty brand scarfs to the alexander mcqueen scarfs. after you leave the scarfs you have body products and purfumes. theres a total of five levels with everything you could ever dream, fabric, furniture/ house decor, christmas, vinatge clothing, and high end clothing. everything is done in a special "liberty" way.


Harrods is easily the most famous of all of London's shopping. But with that comes its causality like the million of people on the ground floor which can be overwhelming at first luckily the goo stuff is far from there unless you went to eat or by handbag. Look at stores like Harrods as a museum its so big and filled with luxury goods that your mind gets to wonder and just get inspired. Harrods truly has everything from sportswear to mattresses there is nothing you can't find and is even overwhelming. My method of madness is to start with top and explore every inch of every floor which can seem ridicules at a store like Harrods the floors are so massive you will be amazed each floor contains up 11 compartments. But nothing is to be missed not sports wear, not homeware, and definitely not children (It will scare you that a child's dress can be worth a couple of your months rent in the city). Harrods doesn't just have the luxury there known for they also your average, i.e., Nike and your not so average. And if the departments don't interest you the people watching and price tag looking will. Though if you want to be a true local I have to tell you Harrods is not some place you will find pure blue blood Englishman as it is considered tacky and they prefer to hit stores along bond street and places like. But you can't miss going to Harrods. while at Harrods the stores clustered around Harrods are worth checking out with stores from Zara to Celine the area called, Knightsbridge, is just steps away from Harrods.

Bond street

Bond street is the ultimate chichi area of London with places like the Ritz and Buckingham palace blocks away bond street is true old money with roots heading back to the 1700's. The stores that line this street has always been the most prestigious brands around. It backs up to piccadilly circus and oxford street. Its pretty simple to understand it aw. But for those of you to afraid to step in the stores (i don't blame you) just walk down the street, i love to look at the window displays ^ the one below is Dolce and Gabbana who i normally don't prefer but this season is wonderful with their cape dress and interesting fabric but even greater then that is the window display they put up to complement the design.Its a shame photo doesn't show its true beauty. My point being that when you walk up and down the streets it might not even be the clothing, accessories and jewellery that inspire you it might the art of the window display or that funny hat on the old lady.

High Street

After a day of seeing such amazing and wonderful stuff that you can't buy there's not a better way to end than to go and buy stuff you can afford. High street is what the brits call an affordable street. You'll find Zara, H and m, top shop, TK max, primary, and many more here. I say here very loosely because there is not specific high street it's more like a title like main street. There's high street Kensington, high street Kingston high street fill in the blank. You get the point the high street Kensington I've found is piratically nice as its down the street from Hyde park and Kensington palace ( where the duchesses of Cambridge, Kate Middleton lives). The street also has a ginormous Whole food that I think is awesome because it reminds me of home as well they have super good food. Wherever you shop you'll be happy because of the affordable prices ( although your still in England its £1- $1.66) and you can tell people "oh this i got it in London." my favorite new find has been a store called Cos its super high fashion for affordable price very European its actually owned by H&M sadly it hasn't made it to the us but its also happy because it will be awhile till anyone wearing what your wearing.

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