Tourist Days: 6 days in London

This week my sister who is studying in Rome, is on fall break and choose to come to London. NO FEAR I over scheduled I portabella a good schedule and great f%#! up. That will come with any trip with that said I ll start from the beginning. I had a hotel crush on the Renaissances St. pancreas hotel because it is a Marriott that originally was St. Pancreas train station during Victorian days

I love old architecture, and got so excited that I could stay at a place like this. I didn't care about much more than the hotel being the neat historical hotel. Which is why it's not exactly central it's not really far away there're actually 5 lines that right below you so you can get anywhere there's just not anything really in the area? But my favorite part was the size of the rooms their freaking ballrooms for European standard that's considerable trade off.

The trip started on Friday as we booth had class off, so we started off with nails. While we realized my major f%#! Up, we had planned to go to Harry Potter studios that afternoon I had bought the tickets a few weeks, you can’t buy on site and the week before Halloween was incredibly sold out, but I had thought we had tickets no big deal we just needed to download where we discovered i had actually bought tickets for the day of the day i had bought them. So we regrouped talked about our choices and went back to the hotel. As my sister had only been to London for a day, I suggested we take a double-decker bus tour. Which stoped right outside our hotel, and we got on board it was mainly just going central for the first part, but then we reached Picadeli area, and we decided to get off. Excitingly there was an NFL fan rally going on, and we were right outside the British museum. We went inside the museam and walked around a bit (NEVER go to a free museum on Friday or Saturday) it was crowded and if there's one place you should enjoy without crowds its a museums, but never less we saw lots of beautiful works. Then we found CHIPOTLE as that was something my sisster had been craveing since she'd been in Rome (well actually anything American). After that we got back on the bus we got on a more central hop on hop off bus line and just rode about the whole line until it abruptly stopped but luckily we saw most of London and it was getting cold and starting to trickle. But we were at Victoria, so we easily got back up to the hotel.

The second day started questionably i had booked a Groupon for blow outs and we got off the train and were questioning the security of the area and got back on the tube and went back to into town, and continued on to what was next scheduled. Portabella Market or nothing hill street fair. This actually worked out for the better as the market can get very full as the day goes on 11 is pushing it. But we got there we experienced we shopped we ate we had a good time. GREAT for Christmas presents, souvenirs, and just cool stuff. Its originally was a flea market that stretched all of portabella road its such a well-known street fair that its become a little touristy, but a lot of vendors still are just genuine street marketers with neat stuff. After we had walked most of the portabella, We headed to Covent garden. We had tickets for Shakespeare In love. We got lunch over near there. Personally I’m not a huge fan of Covent garden its a little too much but my mom loves it, and it is right there most theaters sit somewhere around Picadelli circus and Covent garden. We had lunch and then went to the show (after getting lost because I let my sister do nag on her phone). The show was so funny and cute personally the actress annoyed us but supered good anyways (shaker in love is one of my sister's favorite movie). While waiting for the movie to start my sister, and I thought, this guy near us looked like Stanley Tucci and kind became transfixed it turned out it was him. My sister had already met him while working at Deer Valley they had a conversation. I was obsessed he’s such a serious actor it was fascinated how he would take in the show, funnily he didn’t really try do the celebrity 'I’m not here but just so you know I’m me'. He was very gracious just hanging with his family when people recognized him he was nice and chatted. Luckily people dint make a huge deal or noticed. After the show, we tried to find a swimsuit as the hotel had a pool, and we booth forgot to bring swimsuits, I don’t suggest trying to find swimsuits in fall in London. We came up short but still headed back to the hotel for the night we were booth wipe. We had to be up at 6 to go to Stone Hedge, Before we could get to sleep, the electricity went out and not knowing what to do went down to the lobby to be safe and after 3 hours we gave up and asked if it was safe to go up and went up and fell asleep.

The third day as I mentioned we were supposed to go to stone hedge and baths but because of the power outage at the hotel we slept through the alarm. Since we had the whole day planned to go to stone hedge, it meant we were free for the day. We “slept in” went down to oxford circus went to liberty, then walked on oxford street went into shops, (where in a department store finally found swimsuits) and went to Selfridges and saw bond street. With our new swimsuits, we headed back to the hotel and went swimming at the hotel pool and hung out. We tried to go out to dinner around the hotel, but there was nothing. So-called it a day and just had drinks at the hotel lobby.

The fourth day and final day at the hotel, We went down to Buckingham palace for the changing of the guard. Sadly I fucked up again, Because I missed read the dates of the changing of the guard ( in summer it's everyday and in winter it's every other day so check the dates). We don't get to see it but that's okay because we got to see the palace from the front, see the guards, and walk through green park. when we figured out it wasn't happening we got on a double decker bus (one of my sisters London checklist) and went to Covent garden area where we had blow out appointments. After that, we headed out to a knight bridge to go to shops and see Harrods imperfectly and had some lunch and hung with my friend who lives over there. And ended the weekend and got our bags from the hotel.

Day Five, I had classes my sister went off and did her own thing i was able to book her just one ticket to WB Harry Potter studios. in the morning She went out to do that, which takes a minim of 3 hours with travel there and back. Then since it was such a lovely day she got on the bus tour, we hadnt been able able to finish on Saturday. She got off to visit Kensington palace, there is an exhibit called Fashion Rocks there at the moment. its a great show, though the states room that are open are set up in a confusing matter: theres no flow but still worth the while especially if your fan of the young Victoria or Queen Victoria, Princesses Diana or even Princesses Margaret. After the palace, she headed to south Kensington and went to Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert.

after that I met up with her again, and we walked from there to Knightbridge mainly for Zara, as there was a sweater I wanted after that we went to Westminster for a Dinner Cruise on the Thames. We got there very early, so we walked around went to McDonalds (we were proud this was the first time there since we left U.S). The boat we took was average, its your everyday tourist boat not super expensive, and there was music it was themed musical theater, but you could go to the roof which seemes cold but its definitely the best part of the trip the food actually wasn’t that bad. It was beautiful it took awhile so that was the worst part.

Day six, school again for me, My sister went into London by herself I gave her some tips about what to do, she started with the Tower of London. She said the crown jewels had a very very long line of an hour and the half which is a shame the Crown jewels are awesome its crazy that someone can wear and own all them. After she still had a list of things to do Madame Tousso, Sherlock museum, and explore as booth museums had long lines she just ended up exploring.

I had tickets for the matinée of Book of Mormon so I met her in piccadeli circus at 2, and we finished our trip with that for the most part.

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