Roma- "Rome has not seen a modern building in more than half a century. It is a city frozen in

As I have mentioned, my sister is studying in Rome. I had planned to go see her the weekend of November 14th, but after she came down with some awful Migraines. I left Wednesday morning so I could help take care of her and take her to hospital and doctors. So it started off boring but we were still able to do the stuff we had planned. I got in Wednesday late morning and got to the hotel. My sister met me there after a class she had, and we went out and explored our area, slightly. We got some food (Italian of course). Then we noticed a lot of people walking with the same gelato cones, so we went to see which it was, and found it was this one that was the oldest gelaterie in the city and got some gelato and walked a bit. We were located pretty centrally, about a three blocks away from the pantheon and three from Piazza Navona. We walked into the pantheon and then headed back for a nap and to get settled. Later we went out again and walked to Piazza Navona and to Zara and then ended up in the square at the pantheon for dinner. The food was touristy, but it was fun eating at the pantheon. Until it started raining, and a man skipped, his tab and our waiter had to run after him skidding across the wet cobblestones and got right back up and running after the guy. This was super interesting and entertaining. But then when it meant we couldn’t get our check and leave, and the rain was getting worst it wasn’t so interesting. But he did finally come back, and we were able to leave running through the rain protecting our bags from Zara.

Thursday morning we had planned for my sister to go to class and for me to explore the city, but when she woke up and her head was worst we went to the hospital, which was not as sketchy as i thought it would be (we were at a private hospital). We had called American express to get the name for the one they recommend, and she already had an appointment on Friday with a neurologist. After the hospital, we went to her apartment to get her stuff and then back to the hotel, and she took a nap and I left and got to explore the city. I literally just walked around not knowing at all where I was and got some great photos and then when I wanted to start heading back I put the hotel in my phone and headed in that direction. I got to the river and then walked along that until I came up to the Castel Sant'Angelo, and I decided to go up into it. It was 10 euros but completely worth it as it had gorgeous views and it was really cool itself they paintings and room set up as well there were 3 different levels you could walk around the outside and see out from. The sun was starting to set, and it was so beautiful just perfect. After I was just a few blocks away from the hotel and walked back. When I returned, I rested a bit and then we headed out again and ended up going to dinner in the Piazza Navona. After my sister went back to her apartment and i waited for my friend to come in.

On Friday, my friend and I went out and showed her the stuff near us and were hopeful we were walking towards where we could get on a hop on hop off bus stop so we could get on. After a little, we found a newsstand that was selling tickets for one of them and he sold us some and showed us where to get on. We found it and then got on the bus and road around we you get to see quite a bit of domes landmarks but as a lot are in places you can’t drive it might be the best choice, my aunt had been in Rome a few weeks past and her and my sister and cousin went on a Segway tour which they all said was really fun and i can see the advantage you would be able to go into the plazas that big cars can’t go into. We got on at the Trevi fountain stop, so we got off there too. My sister had bee working on her homework so she came and met us there the fountain was under contraction and had scaffolding all over it, my friend was really disappointed because as she said “she dint get her lazy guarder moment” but they had a bridge going over the cent so we could get closer. After I saw some shoes i liked, so we went into a store where they had a replica, so she had her "Lizzie Mcguire moment” with that and then got some lunch. Afterwards we went to the spanish steps and got some gelato and eat it on the steps (duh) and walked around the shops and ubered it back to the hotel where we napped and my sister went to her neurologist appointment. Later we left, and my head hurt, so we went to the pharmacy ( I was super proud for making it through it and getting the right medicine, even though it was that hard. After I had noticed an ornament store and my mom had wanted me to get some wonderment for her the guy was super cute and excited because I bought five pope ornaments and then four others. At that point, we went and got dinner at this famous pizzeria called Dar Poeta it was pretty good and when we left there was a huge crowd. The funny thing was actually my friend and myself had taken an uber to the restaurant and he dropped us in this ally by the restaurant and so we went and got a table not looking at the name and realized it was the wrong restaurant and had to get up and leave super awkward then we put the real restaurant in our phone and found it. There famous for their Nutella calzone dessert, so we got that. And a pizza each.

Saturday morning started very early we had a reservation at the Vatican at 7 am and got up at 6 and took a uber to the Vatican but dint realize we were at st peters basilica and after my sister got very mad at me we had to walk around the whole country to the other side (hehe) but when we got there it was so cool because we were escorted from like each station as we were late and the Vatican wasn’t open yet.

We had breakfast in a courtyard then at 8 we were able to go through the museum which was empty and we went straight for the Sistine chapel which was super cool because there was maybe 20 people in it as well no one cared we were taking pictures and talking which are complete no nos in the chapel not a squeak. It was 181 euros (60/Person) for the 3 of us together and well worth it the breakfast was pretty good there were pancakes (a dim a dozen in Rome) but after we walked around a bit the rest of the museum is cool but not awesome although there statue garden seemed awesome but we could see most but not all of it.

From there we went to the basilica and walked around it was probably 8:30 and was a little crowded but not too. Its gorgeous and huge I thought it was super cool lots of art and statues. From there we sent a letter in Vatican mail ( i guess its special and really accurate it works separately from Italy’s).

from the Vatican we headed to the coliseum, my sister had heard that if you buy your tickets at the other attraction its a lot shorter of a line and you can go straight into the coliseum apparently it was practically empty it dint seem that way but according her it was. From there, we went back to the spanish steps and got there at 11:30 we swore it was at least two by then. So we eat and then had a few things; we needed to do so went shopping and then headed back to the hotel. The night before my parents had decided it was not worth my sister going through everything in Italy as it would be out of pocket and some very precise things needed to take place like a spinal tap to relief the brain fluids in her, which in the us is dangerous with chance of meningitis it didn’t make sense for her to do it in Italy. So while my friend slept I went back to my sister's apartment and packed her while she worked on homework. After all that fun, we went back and got dinner at the pantheon and had an early dinner and an early night.

Sunday was our last day in Italy we woke up and finished getting packed and had breakfast in the lobby nd had a t-shirt to exchange for the right size (we had forgot it was Sunday and therefore stores open later) but we convoked them to let us do it real quick and then got in a uber to drop our bags at my sister’s. We had a booking at Villa Borghese and headed there. The museum is cool not amazing but cool its funny because you have specific times to go into it and then they make you go to one of the two floors then switch but some of the works are super cool. From there, we walked the park and walked towards the spanish steps and got lunch and headed to the apartment and ended our weekend that way.

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