Dublin "I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best". Oscar Wilde

To finish off my sister’s fall break, we took a trip to Ireland for five days with a friend from home who is studying in Lugano Switzerland. I took off my one Friday class and my one Monday class for airfares an to make it a more enjoyable Break. Dublin is just a short flight away from London. We had found this amazing rate at a Marriott outside the city that was gorgeous. I arrived Thursday night after the other two because of school that afternoon they had walked the grounds went on the river walk and settled into our new digs. We were staying at the PowerCourt estate hotel about 30 minutes outside Dublin. The first day we did our tourist day in Dublin, (there's not a lot to do there). Our plan was simple get on a hop-on-hop-off bus and saw the city anything that fascinated us we get off and see, we had done our research, so we knew what the big ticket items were. The first stop we saw was the book of keels at

Trinity College Dublin - College Green. The exhibit is entry fee of €8; the book is cool a great example of Celtic art and interesting seeing the old books in person. Is it worth the €8? I don’t know, but the long hall which is also part of the exhibit and is a two story library is very beautiful. As well, we were able to see restrictionist at work that I think is very cool. After there we road for a little while to.

St. Stephen's Green - Grafton Street a Beautiful park probably one of my favorites spots while in Dublin it's gorgeous and in a cute little area. After looking around, we talked about having tea at a hotel, but with the wait time opted not to.

We got back on the bus and rode again till we got to Guinness storehouse; the tour is a pinnacle tour for Ireland. I personally don’t like any alcohol let alone beer but even i found its fun. It costs €14 to get in which includes a free pint of Guinness, and then you start off by seeing the museum part this is water, this is hops, ect. As well as they go through the process that is cool but its all videos you don’t actually go through the factory. After you go through “museumy” part then, it gets cool they have two options you go to and i very much suggest doing them as they are the highlight of the tour.

The first was to do the tasting room. Where you go through a black hallway and end up in a cool white room, They have certain scents going off to get you in the right mood. It's all very cool because they take it very serious as its all design to increase your sense. In this room you get a short talk about tasting and senses, then given your tasting cup. From there, you go to a room designed to look like a 19th-century tavern. Where you learn the art of tasting and get to drink your shot of Guinness ( for me it was more about just getting it down)

The second part that is optional but is totally worth doing is the Guinness academy where you learn how to pour the perfect cup of Guinness. You even get a certificate and the drink you poor is your pint. The problem is once you have your pint getting up to the gravity bar is impossible. You can’t take the escalator, and the elevator is over packed as well climbing the two stories with a full glass seems impossible. But if you do finally get up to the gravity bar you are reward by gorgeous views of all of Dublin. After that, you are finished though you could stay in the bar a little longer and a buy some more beer or anything else. There's also two different restaurants and another bar; we choose not to eat as we dint fancy any of their food. We finished by going to the gift shop and getting a pair of Guinness glasses and engraving them (super cool). As well my sister is buying a shirt from everywhere she goes in Europe during her study abroad, and in the end I will make her a new t-shirt quilt. Check back, and I will write and take photos when I get to it after.

After Guinness we got on the bus again, we were originally going to stop at Jameson whiskey factory but were pooped, and we have distillery in our home town. So we road the bus till the end. At which point we were starving and decided to get a pick-me-up at McDonals with some fries. We decided we would stay in the city till dinner, and then head back. We started walking around we walked by the stores. After deciding nothing fancied, us and it started raining we looked for a dinner spot. Still nothing and thought there was some cute stuff near the park so decided we could ride the bus again (as we already paid). Still there was nothing and gave up and got a cab and went back and eat at the hotel.

The second day we decided to go to the gardens on the estate, they were rated #3 by National Geographic, and it sounded like a good idea. We had to pay €6 to get in, but the estates were beautiful. We walked in the circle path the first stop was a little castle, then they had a Japanese garden , and a beautiful lake/pond that looked right out of Jane Austin, then a pet cemetery and actual gardens. They also had shops in the main house to buy fabrics, food, souvenirs, blankets. I think that day was only sunny for the hour it took to walk the gardens. The rest was bed day, sometimes the hotel is the best part of the trip, and that's okay because it was Awesome after living in student housing, and that what we decide to do on Sunday as well. And a little school work. On Monday, we went back to Dublin and got a blow out and wax before heading to the airport where we hung for a while.


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