MIlan- Lugano- Zürich Switzerland: the flags a huge plus

My sister’s, best friend’s; little sister has been studying her first semester for SMU at Franklin University, in Lugano, the school is an American university. So I flew to Milan ( 1.5 hours by train away from Lugano) on Thursday November 27th night ( aka thanksgiving).

We stayed at Boscolo hotel in Milan an autograph collection hotel that is very fun and unique super high design. My first morning, Friday morning, we walked around Milan. Our first goal was to find a cafe, as Milan is known for them, we asked the hotel for a suggestion and they gave a us direction to one: a block away. After we had a bite at the cafe, we walked to the duomo that was just a few blocks away. The duomo is gorgeous and free!!! After we went to the shops, the famous center is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele where there's Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci as well as restarts and a few other stores. Though it is very cool building, though not as big as you would expect. When I was little my father would always say that Milan is an industrial town, but I never understood and was always persistent to go as the home of design houses like Prada. After going, I can assure it's true that it is not much for a tourist though the Duomo is magical and a place to check off your bucket house, its not worth a European trip let alone much more than a day trip.

Because of that we felt like we'd done everything, so we went up to Lugano. We asked the hotel how best to get to the train station, and they told us just to walk to the duomo and get the metro there and take it to the train station. I was a bit pessimistic about taking the metro in Italy; my sister lived in Rome for three months and never took the metro once. We attempted and found it quite easy it was only 1.50 euros and very clearly marked. When we got to the station we hadn’t even looked up train times, but luckily they run every hour or so, and there was one leaving in 30 minutes. After we had figured out, the train station was able just to board no problem the ride was and hour and a nice peaceful ride. When we got to Lugano, a lake town on lake Lugano, we walked to her room a straight up walk on the hillside as the town sits on the mountain the lake is in. After we walked down into town, and we got some lunch. The town is cute with little independent boutiques situated on the lake one of the streets is particularly steep like 90-degree slope we’re talking. After exploring a bit, we went up to the train to go back to Milan where we got dinner and went to bed.

We caught the first train in the morning to Zurich because they had a Christmas fair it was a four hr trip but super cool because we basically went from the bottom to the top of Switzerland. The train was in the mountains 98% of the time, and we saw all these adorable towns, and lakes since we came from the bottom up we saw the whole lake that the river inside Zurich feeds from.

When we got to the train station, we caught a cab to the Marriott I stayed at for the night, and got info about the Christmas fairs the front desk told us there were a few. So we headed to the hotel; the Marriott was pretty central, so we walked even though it was freezing (like 30 degrees), but we got to see the town and had plenty of layers. The first fair was at the train station (I had joked with Caroline when we came in originally that the Christmas fair was the one we saw in the station ( it was)) it was gorgeous it was the biggest of all the fairs. There were probably 50 booths and in the middle they had a giant Christmas tree that had all the Swarovski crystal snowflakes dripping from it it sounds cheesy but it looked gorgeous like snow or Icicles dripping and sparkling any way we walked around looked at all the stuff and got apple strudel and hot chocolate, we thought the lady said 13.20 and were shocked when she informed us it was 32 for the 2 struttal and 2 hot chocolates but it was good and we had authentic struttal in Zurich. I also got me and my mom some beautiful hand painted ordainments. From there we walked the main shopping street and came to another much smaller Christmas fair and walk to where it belies out into the lake and then walked over to the other side of the river, we were going to go to another fair but Caroline wanted to get back to the train station and caught a train at 3 ( we got in at 12:30) but we saw so much of the city and I got lots of photos. After I dropped off Caroline, I was going to walk around more but very soon I was freezing so I went back and took a hot bath and took a nap I was going to go explore some more when I woke up, but dint want to go out in the bitter dark cold and dint really know anywhere I should go so I bit the bullet and ordered room service and watched a movie on my iPad ( I was to poor for paper view)

Finally, the next morning I took another walk but nothing was open but I got to see some smaller niches of the town and enjoy it one last time before heading to the airport. Zürich Airport is huge and very confusing to find where each place to check in so i would defiantly recommend get there early, i got there particularly early as i had nothing else and i needed to check out of the hotel and thought there would be plenty at the airport (there was). The funniest thing was that the airport was open to civilians for a Christmas present special i dint really understand it but it appeared that they bought a pass for the day and could go shopping in the airport as if it was just a shopping mall.

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