travel quilt

travel quilt

While i have continued on with my studies abroad my sister only did her traditional on semester. One the great part of studying abroad for one semester is that you get to see so many places is such a short period of time but with small time comes limited money obviously, we all know about the poor college student and there is no time in your life you will feel more poor is then when you are a study abroad student. but it is such an amazing time you want to have a way to remember it. well i think she thought of pretty good idea of something that she would use, that was memorable, and affordable. a few trips into her experience she informed that she decided she wanted a t-shirt quilt made. so as she went around she bought a t-shirt. which really meant i needed to sew her a shirt quilt. i have made i think 3 at this point one other for her and another for another one of my other sisters. they are quit time consuming but there actually really easy to make it just can be tedious.

1) it starts with the layett before cutting and sewing we layout on the blanket we planed to use

2) after laying the shirts and wkowing what i needed from each i stared by paying attention to those who are diffrent, most we just cut based on the graphic and the size of space needed. but we bought this rugby jersey for scotland so we cut the main part and then sewd some of back fabric around the whole for the neck, as well we cut the signiture stripes on the sleeves to add legnth and keep the feel of a rugby jersy.

3) once those were made and the others were cut i started row by row. i aded some blank ones for extra for future travels. as well we had plan iron on some graphics we printed for city where she dint find ones.

4) finally after all assembled you flip over sew around and leave a bit to turn it out.

5) and walla

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