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Cabo has been a family favorite of mine for a while now we went for the first time for my spring break in 9th grade. My father's best friend from Utah belongs to a club there called el dorado that means we have built in entertainment. Since then we have taken quite a few more trips from spring breaks to summer vacations and the past two years we have rented a house there for a week after Christmas. Cabo to most people is a place of partying. And yet to my family that's not what it's ever been about. That's the great part of Cabo it has multiple dimensions. I say Cabo because it's easy, and the shorthand but it's really Los Cabos. As in there's more than one there the well known Cabo San Lucas as well as the more quite and less known city Cabo San Jose. In the past 20 years San, Lucas has become almost a Las Vegas inspired area very cheesy no authenticity. Most hotels and resorts sit between the two off the highway.

We’ve stayed at multiple hotels the first time we stayed at the Markee because it's right next store to el dorado so my dad could walk over in the morning to golf. We loved that hotel but since then it's been turned into secrets; an all inclusive which we stayed at its sister hotel down in San Jose for our fist night this past time. Since the house, we rented was already booked. There nice as the hotel rooms are nice, and they have a pool right off the rooms but than all-inclusive is not our scene. It is nice having to not worry about paying or the price, but the food is so bad it does not seem worth it. The area its in is great its still a Cabo secret past San Jose is a beautiful marina that used to be soccer fields after a couple million dollar renovation they created a marina where all the nice boats are stored, rather, than the polluted marina of San Lucas. The Secret is just little down from the marina. The first day we got in was Christmas Eve, in the past we have thrown a Christmas Eve party every year for 17 years at our house in Park City, Utah. Since we sold our house this past November and have been working on our new house in park city and it will not be ready till July.

We stayed in an apartment in Salt Lake my first week of break and headed out on the 24th rather than the 25th. Which meant we had to bring all our presents (we left heavy and delicate presents and opened early in Utah) meaning we had six bags to bring to Cabo. After arriving, We split up; I loaded all the bags into one Sudan car. And my dad and sister drove their car since with six bags we could only fit two people to drive to the hotel. After arriving, we emptied all the presents and tried to go find a fake tree to put up turns out you can’t on Christmas even in Cabo find one. Which was fine so we went to the hotel and hung out in the pool and went to teppanyaki restaurant at the hotel, which was awful but the dessert was hella good before heading to our Room to watch a movie and go to sleep. In the morning, we did the same old opened presents got breakfast and then went to the pool before packing up and getting our bags into the car. We were going to stay a bit and eat lunch at the hotel, since, we dint have to pay but after deciding we’de much rather pay then eat there.

We went to the marina and to one of my Dad's favorite restaurants call the container that literally a shipping container, where inside they cook and have window with a bar, and then some tables out in front under a little covering. The foods really great real fresh and a fun environment right on the marina. Since we couldn’t check into our rental house till 3 we first tried to go to Costco (it was closed) but then went to Walmart for food and supplies after we could check in so we did.

last years house and V the view for family photo

One of my dad’s friend belongs to the same as his best friend but lives outside the club and his wife last year got us a house to rent a few houses down from theirs. One of the things we’ve learned from going down there for so many years; is that most beaches you can’t swim at because of riptides and shelf drops. So last year when we were staying at house where the beach was swimmable it was a huge perk, but the house was literally right on the water that was really nice, except the price tag that came along with it. So this year knowing where we liked the community and beaches so we went on to VBRO and found a house that's the next community over and level above. This past year Cabo had a hurricane that nearly destroyed the city putting the hundreds out of work and destroyed homes and hotel. Many hotels were closed for the season even restaurant and stores. Luckily the house, we had rented prior to the hurricane, was in well enough shape though we did have a few little problems. The first night at the house we went to my dads favorite restaurant, 7 Seas at Cabo Surf Hotel, luckily it was still open. The next three days we spent going to Costco and stayed at the beach and went to the shops in San Jose (where most the street was sadly closed) as well the San Lucas's mall. The 28th 2 of my sisters joined my mom, dad, sister and me and, we went to nick-son sushi at Palmia shops, Palmia the one and only hotel closed until March. Unlike 7 seas which we have been to a lot and continued to go to a lot but nick-son was new to all of us except my dad who had been their last year over his men's weekend super bowl trip. The food was great they have some pretty unique rolls as well as incredibly fresh (duh). If there's one thing, I’ve learned from Mexico with trips particularly the one to visit my friends at home in Mexico City and Guadalajara is that Mexicans love sushi.

The day after my sisters arrived we went flyboarding, a new extreme sport invented three years ago I had tried it last year, but it was so expensive I only booked it for two people. So only myself and my one sister who’d dint come this year at all, but it was so fun that I made sure to book it for everyone this year. It is a blast the idea of it is that you are connected to about the length of a skateboard and that is connected to hose that is connected to a jet ski the jet ski driver (a professional) controls the speed of the jets and based on that the hose presses water at a fast rate which gives you enough energy to not only lift out of the water but to lift you out the water and the more the driver presses on the gas the higher you can go because it's the exhaust that is pumping through. From their the person on the board it's a lot about balance I’ve found it easy but I’ve been skiing since I was 2 as well as my sisters and a friend who came along with us, so no one had difficulties but it sounds like if you haven’t done sports like skiing, snowboarding, waterskiing, etc. it can be harder. They said that their clients could get up to 20 feet in the air, and they had gotten up to 60 feet in the air. It's super fun I would highly recommend it to anyone its not scary and crazy fun.

That night we met my dads two friends from el dorado at seven seas. Seven seas I would say the biggest thing is just the atmosphere its a small boutique hotel known for the great surfing steps outside the hotel. Which seems lovely we’ve never stayed there but have friends who stay there every year its down towards San Jose but the restaurant is beautiful if you go to like between 5-6 the sun sets as you eat and its all outside seating with food that reflects the atmosphere fresh from the sea great simple food cooked to perfection.

Next morning we went to San Lucas’s marina where we had rented a sailboat for 5 hours with Cabo Sailing. Booth times this has been a favorite of everyone just getting to relax on the sail boat that you have to yourself. Apart that was included is going snorkeling last year we opted to do this but this year no one was really into it so we send no and just headed out farther into the ocean the whale watching is amazing we got up to 9 feet away from humpback whales. The guys on the boat told us there was a female, and male the guys were super nice and knowledgeable. 4 hours in my sister and myself got the sea sick so they parked the boat early. I think if we had gone swimming we might not have gotten sick because it would have cooled us off. After the boat though they had hoagies on the boat no one really wanted to it so we went and had lunch at the marina there's a lot of restraints on the perimeter with hawkers for the restaurants and for the boats that get really annoying but there's an Italian restaurant in San Jose called La Dulce that I really liked and noticed there was a restaurant called Michael Anglos by the other restaurant, so we went there for lunch .it my sisters joked "when we're we actually going to have Mexican food", but in Cabo fresh good seafood is the local “Mexican food.” then later for dinner we had a private chef make us food we had gazpacho, papaya, and a flan.

New years eve was my dad and two sisters last day in Cabo. That morning my dad left and the rest of went to the beach with all the activates. It's the first left when you get into downtown Cabo. On the beach, there's a bunch of different tents with guys all selling the same stuff stand up paddle board, jet skiing, and parasailing as well as few other little stuff. We normally do jet skiing and parasailing, but this time we just went parasailing, but we love jet skiing and it so fun, though be aware these guys might make up scratches to charge you more and swear it's your fault. The parasailing is super fun as well but more relaxing and you get beautiful views of the area. Like i mention there's a lot of guys selling the same stuff we like to get there early before the cruise ship unload between 10 and ll it's less crowded and there more eager to give you better prices.after that the next two days we just hung by the beach and packed up.

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