Parents trip Part 1: a little London

My parents decided to come visit me for a weekend in April. We planned to do four days in London April 8,9,10 and leave the morning of the 11th. Then Paris the 11th,12th and 13th

Day 1: Richmond, Wednesday the 8th

The first day my parents flew in from Utah, and they met me in Richmond. I showed my dad around (as mom had already been) we walked around the town. Richmond has an amazing little town it's pretty upscale but still quaint.

Richmond Park

Richmond is famous for the Park Richmond Park its the largest Royal Park. Meaning everything inside is protected by the Queen. The park is known for its Stags, which are just gorgeous. I remember my first time driving through on my way to school I was so amazed at how beautiful they were (and I’m a girl from Utah and am used to seeing that type of wildlife around)

Petersham hotel.

That night we stayed in Richmond at the Petersham Hotel. It's probably the most upscale hotel in the town its nice hotel not very updated but has amazing views of the Thames and the Park. We went to dinner at their restaurant and

Day 2: London, Thursday the 9th

On Thursday morning, we went out for breakfast at Bill's ( A chain of organic restraints) I had never been and have always seen it, and it looked good. The food was awesome I had pancakes and loved them everything was super fresh as promised. But also as promised with the organic sign is it was a little spend not ridiculous but not cheap.

After breakfast, we headed into the city with an Uber and dropped our bags off at the Ritz. Since our room was not ready we headed to Kensington via the Tube, watching my dad go on the tube (Mr. first-class), in Kensington we checked out where I would be living next year.

Franco Manca

I took them to my all time favorite restaurant Franco Manca Sourdough Pizza. It's amazing it's super fresh and just and classic Napoleon Pizza and its super reasonable at around £5 for a pizza.

in the afternoon my dad went back to the hotel, and my mom and myself went to BLO a Blow bar in Covent Garden.

James McAvoy in the Ruling Class,

From there we went the theater to see James McAvoy in the Ruling Class, a short run play in the west end. I loved it, and James McAvoy was AMAZING in it, it was my first Drama/Comedy play, (the WestEnd is known for Drama/Comedy plays).

the Shard

That evening We had dinner at the Shard, I had been dying to go to forever (and my parent paying was a plus). The views from it are Amazing and the food at Aqua Shard was also amazing (there are four restraints in the shard). The Shard is the tallest building in the western hemisphere and is designed to look like a Shard of glass the majority of the building is a hotel though there are four restraints all scattered so there basically one floor. Aqua has a few locations and is all very

Day 3: London, Friday the 10th


In the morning, I had an exhibit at the British Museum. My parents were checking out they asked the concierge for a great restaurant for lunch, and boy did Michael (the Ritz concierge who’s in Notting Hill) come through. We went to Franco’s off Piccadilly and though it's a high tourist area the place seem like a locals spot and the food was amazing.

London Eye

After lunch, we walked towards Westminster I wanted to take my dad and mom on the London eye (a favorite of mine, even though it is a tourist spot). My dad was super apprehensive about it as my whole family is claustrophobic, but he went through, and we got VIP TICKETS AS THERE NOT MUCH MORE AND THE LINES CAN BE SUPER LONG. My dad was pleasantly surprised at how open and large the boxes are they don’t put more then ten people in one and there sprawling.

Tea at the Ritz

After the eye, we walked back to the hotel. We were going to have tea (a must at the Ritz) but we were in jeans and they have a strict dress code so instead we had our, own tea in the 1920s bar.

Regent Street,

After we left my dad at the hotel so he could work, my mom and me, went up to Regent street and walked around a bit I took her to Carnaby street a very trendy “ally” behind Regent Street that when my mom was younger and would visit London all the time the area was full of head-shops. off Carnaby is one of my favorite spa Cowshed. We asked if they had time for waxing and mani-pedis and they did in 30, so we left and walked around so more before coming back and getting pampered.

St. Pancreases

My dad had decided to fly out early and was heading to the airport to catch a plane. And my mom and I Headed for our third hotel in London the Renicansse Marriott at the train station. St. Pancreases Hotel is the old train station and still sits on top of current one. (I had stayed there once before but was traveling around London and for that it is not very convenient.) But for what we needed was to take a train at 6 am St Pancreas was ideal. The current train station does have quite a few stores and “restaurants” to go to while you are at the hotel because outside is a little distasteful. The hotel rooms that are in the club ‘level’ are the original hotel rooms, and they look right out down on to the train station. This time we stayed there, and the rooms were beautiful and amazing. The time before I stayed in the newer rooms they too are nice but are newer and more cookie cutter hotel rooms.

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