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Paris and

Day 4: Paris, Saturday the 11th

Saturday morning we took a 6 am train from St pancreas to Paris, i have always wanted to go on the chunnel literally on my bucket list since I had found out about it the idea that you're below the ocean/channel and on a train (or car) that sounded so cool. Truthfully you don’t really know but it's still a great train ride you see so much of the French countryside.

we arrived in Paris at 9 am our first stop was to the hotel

Paris Renissance Le parc trocadero-

We loved it the room was HUGE we had a family suite, and the hotel has its own courtyard, and the street end is the opposite side of the river, so you get great views of the Eiffel Tower. After we checked in and left our bags, we head to Avenue Montaigne

L’avenue at Avenue Montaigne-

It's where the real designer stores are, and real Parisians are. The last time we had been in Paris we had gone to the Dior store (the original store) there was a Restaurant there as well that we had been to call L'avenue and had loved the place is so beautifully decorated and we sat on the second floor and had a view of Dior and the Eiffel Tower and the food is Fanaminal. But when we arrive the Restaurant was under construction with scaffolding up so it wouldn't be as fun wand they weren't serving lunch yet at 11 so we walked back to our hotel taking in the views and going through little markets getting food from a Restaurant we found walking and then went back to the hotel to take naps.

Tour of the Marais

We had scheduled a tour of the Marais the "soho" area of Paris where all the up and coming designers have showrooms and The fun fashion. Though the tour was a shopping tour we did very little shopping and instead we decided to take in all the cool new places and would come back now that we knew where it all was.The girl was so knowledgable her dad was French, and mom was Asian and she had lived all over the world and knew about everything and was a trend writer as her main job. She told us of all the cool exhibitions and about the people who lived there and spoke English with no accent since she grew up going to international school.

After the shopping tour, I had scheduled a helicopter tour, but the weather was not permitting. Which was a huge relief since it was so expensive, and we were so tired from our busy day, so we got a full refund.

At the hotel, we asked for good easy Restaurant nearby. That wasn't French (yes I'm weird like that I would rather not have French food even though I'm in France) They told us to go to Fuxia for Italian. It was cute, and so was the waiter, but he didn't know what to do with English, only speakers, but he made it through and we were all very happy with our food.

Day 5: Paris Sunday the 12th

Laduree for breakfast

We woke up late and had reservations at Laduree for breakfast on the champ élysées. The Nike marathon had just started, and it starts on the champ élysées, so the street was closed meaning our Uber driver had to leave us at the arch de triumph. But it was worth it because you could stand in the middle of the street since it was closed. Laduree is somewhere everyone must go once for breakfast/brunch it's ridiculously luxurious But fun as hell my sisters friend had suggested (Even though she's French and hated all things Parisian). So we had to go. It was AMAZING and ridiculously decadent so much sugar I thought I might be diabetic, hot chocolate and French toast yum. After Breakfast, we did have some trouble getting an uber with the street closed uber in the end we got one.

Paris Nord Flee Market

We headed to the Paris flea market My mother loves those types of things and has always wanted to go but has never been there on a Sunday or with people she could go with, so she was giddy the last from the shopping tour had suggested the Nord (north) one. When we pulled up I was so scared it seemed to be ghetto Central and my mom does have a habit of getting us into situations like that but she was excited, so I played along and when you walk into the ally's it's an antiquers dream The most beautiful furniture and artwork pulled high ranging from a 1€ to 1,000€ everything was amazing if I had a shipping container and a house to furnish we would be walking out with our pockets very light but as it was we just enjoyed all the wonderful stuff we saw and imagined what we could do with it all.

YSL exhibit

That afternoon we had a tour at the YSL exhibit and couture house we head over but had some extra time so we grabbed a light lunch at a cafe and then went back to wait. The Tour included his couture fit room that was two Solons That include Andy wormhole sketches of YSL, and they talked about the whole history of the Company. After the Solon rooms there was an exhibit of his couture From 1970 After the exhibit we checked out the gift shop (duh) and then went upstairs to his office which they had redesigned to look just like how years had it when he was alive (his partner bought the building back a few years ago when he sold the ready to wear and their art collection so he could create this museum and fund) we also saw the exact drawings and the process of his work the preliminary sketches and the swatches to the measurements and yves notes anyone in fashion or interested in fashion I would say you must go its so much insight into the world of design and what a real couture house was.

Dinner Cruise Down the Seine

We had an 8 pm dinner cruise down the Seine. They had driver pick us up (though it was included we had our concierge call and check. that was good because they need a confirmation of the hotel) they took us straight to the boat and we went on the boat at our assigned table there was probably somewhere between 50 and 100 people with was perfect everyone got window seats anyways. The food was amazing real gourmet French food which we weren't expecting that since your paying for the experience, not the food ( I had taken a dinner cruise with my sister in London, and the food was terrible and the cruise wasn’t much either). I had wanted to take a cruise in Paris because last time I was there we had researched and on multiple Parisian women blogs they had said a perfect Paris day would end with dinner on a boat down the Seine (they were right) the river has almost every monument in Paris on it you don’t think about it until your on it. You go past the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower, and many more my favorite was the statue of liberty as it's not really someplace you would see it otherwise, and I had been curious to see it since national treasure. The boat has(quite) theme music throughout the trip like New York by Jay and Alicia Keys while you're at the statue. But the pies de residence is that you pass the Eiffel Tower at 11 pm when it starts to sparkles.

Day 6: Paris Monday the 13th

the final day in Paris we had breakfast at the hotel and tried to go back to the shops we had seen in the Marais as well over to St Germain where we had stayed by last time and had tried to find some of the stores we had liked over there.

some of the stores we like there and all over Europe

Cos- a sophisticated store owned by H&M, who has a lot of great basic clothes that are cut awesomely as well at reasonable price points.

& other stories- a trendy store owned by H&M, who has a lot of fun on trend clothes similar to a Zara business model as well as reasonable price points.

sinequanone- cute clothes in that classic parisian style for great price point

Zara- Duh people are more familiar with this store as they have a place in The USA but in Europe they are on every block. No one does fast fashion quite like Zara

some Other things we love but just didn't have time for or did last time-

Notre Dame- I suggest doing Notre Dame the first morning there when you will probably wake up ridiculously early. The church is almost always open and during the day there can be huge lines in the morning it's peaceful and a lot more religious experience rather than the tourist experience it can feel like a tourist experience.

Eiffel tower- still never been up to the top (the first time it was closed)

The Louvre- there's more there than the Mona Lisa and the best way is to see it with a private tour. We took one our first time, and the museum is so big you could never see half of it (or the half you really wanted to see) if your not with someone who really knows the museum. We went around with an NYU graduate student who had been doing her doctorate on French art and had lived in Paris for the past year and half weighting her doctorate.

The Moulin Rouge-- is the ever famous Tata show in the red light district and as crazy as it maybe it's a classic for Paris. I haven’t been to see it because my mom wanted to take me, but my sister had a credit with crazy horse from a few months back when data von tease was performing, and she hadn't been able to go. That too is fun but much more risqué it is also a more high-end production down the street from the George V.

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