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Barcelona for me was a lot less about the city and more about the experience. This was my first trip completely by myself and was quite the learning experience. For Easter my school gave us four days off Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. A little bit prior to my spring break I had started to think where I wanted to go for Easter break. I landed on Barcelona, I had never been to Spain and thought my friend from Mexico would go with me with was awesome since she spoke Spanish. It ended up that she had bought a ticket for a concert so she couldn’t go. But I decided to go through with it. Over spring break, I bought my ticket after much playing with it to find the best deal and the most amount of time. On Thursday night, after my class ended, I headed to the airport ready for my trip. I took a uber to the airport stood in line for twenty minutes when I got to the front of the line to check in i was told my ticket was for Friday night instead and I should ask the information desk if I could get on an earlier flight, so I picked myself up went to the desk. The lady at the desk told me that all the flights for the next 48 hours were sold out but I should come in the morning, and they might be able to put me on stand by. At this point I was almost completely defeated as the fire alarm in the airport went off. I felt I was going to be there for really two days because I was getting in at 11 pm Friday night and leave Monday morning at 6 am. but after talking to my mom the world traveler she reminded me that anytime in a new city would be worth it. I got in a uber again and headed back to school ordered food and went to sleep in the morning I laid in bed feeling it wasn’t worth it to wake up extra early for a sliver of chance of getting on plane. At ten I left my dorm got a uber (at this point I switched to uberx because I was racking up a bill with all these trips). At the airport i went to that same desk and was told that he dint know what the lady was talking about because the airline doesn’t do stand by, so I tried to figure away to check in online so I could go through security but since my passport is from the US I had to check in at the desk and I wasn’t able to check in at the desk until 2 hours before takeoff. So I had 5 hours, sitting outside security where there was only one restaurant and horrible internet.

When I finally checked in and went through I so happy to get some real food. At 10:30 I finally arrived in Barcelona the customs was the fastest I have ever been through as a non-EU citizens coming from England (yes the UK is in the EU and yes outside of the Uk you have to go through new customs unlike any other EU country). The taxi driver surprisingly spoke good english, and that too was a nice surprise. At my hotel though they thought I wasn’t coming because I had missed my first night and hadn’t been able to call luckily they had a room still open. The hotel was cool and everything I’ve come to expect from Marriott renacaness hotel brand. Cool, the room had one large window in the shape of a palm or yucca. The middle if the hotel had lots of vegetation and was like a forest the rooms are all white sleek like the standard European hotels.

Saturday morning I woke up and got dressed I asked the hotel what was the best way to get to the city center. They told me to take the metro in that I would take one train and then change at Espana and get on the central subway system take it to the Plaça de Catalunya the main shopping street. There I walked around and found a hop-on-hop-off bus. They told me there were two routes and to choose one, and I could ride the other line later. I choose the West route because the line was shorter I rode that for a little bit and got off at the top of the hill because there were great views, and I wanted to ride the gondola.

The gondola was quite reasonable 16 euros for round trip. The gondola had only maybe ten people on it just enough to line the perimeter of the inside, so everyone was close to a window for a view. I'm not really one to be afraid of heights and have ridden gondolas and chairlifts my whole life, and it seem a little scary and sketchy to me. I would tell everyone to ride it from the top, because the bottom where the port is, is completely packed with people the whole top of the tower was packed with a line and then at the bottom of the elevator the line continued.

Even though I had bought a round trip, I decided I'd rather just wander the harbor area there was so much going on the place was so lively.There were markets and people just wandering enjoying the day that was turning out to be beautiful. It made me laugh that it was 12:30 and the restaurants were empty, but that's life in Europe.

When I was done wandering I started looking for a bus stop and found one that was for the other direction but I didn't care, the east route actually had more iconic sites on it. I loved all the architecture of Barcelona it was so much more modern than most of Europe. Between francos rule and the Olympics that preceded him and cleaned up the town the city is truly a love letter to 20th-century artists. From Dali to Gerry to Gaudi there's so many represented in the city. I ended the bus tour at the top of Plaça de Catalunya and walked the street going into shops and finding a place to eat. I had a nice pizza and enjoyed the day. I headed back to my hotel tired fro the day. I had wanted to go back into the city and see the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia by Gaudi because it was so packed before. After getting back to my hotel, I was so exhausted I just hung out and went to the pool. The trip to town was so long I decided I would just rather hang and order room service.

Sunday morning I layed in bed for a while before heading out into the town. I got out of the metro and just wandered really enjoyed the day walking to see some more of the town really just getting lost in the city seeing unique areas. I headed then for the basilica again to see if it was any less busy on Easter, but it wasn't so I found a little flamingo dancer outfit for my niece as well as sit and have a coffee outside the basilica. But before soon I headed back to my hotel they had two swimming pools one on the roof wich was still closed because it was too cold but i went up anyways and got some great views of the city as well they had the indoor pool that was small but felt AMAZING with strange "jets" that poured down from like shower faucets with eminence power. It was amazing.

Monday morning came fast, and though it was short, i was happy to go home. One word to the wise is that in the Barceloneta airport if you have to go through passport control it means after passport control there will be nothing no shopping and little food that doesn't open as early as the other restaurants outside the passport control.


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