Packing for London: Fall

As I head back to London for my second school year there. I plan on what I'll be packing for the little summer (September), and mainly fall (end of September, October, and beginning of November) as well as a little winter before I head home for a month in December. I have about nine boxes in storage in London mainly dorm stuff, but some basic clothes were left. This Blog has some insight from last year of what I used and didn't use for those who are less familiar with the seasons of London and what people wear on the street day in and day out.

Prada shoulder-bag- this a great purse for when I'm traveling particularly on the continent as it has a zipper (key for pickpockets) as well it has two compartment one you can put your money and phone in the smaller one for easy asses throughout the day. I sometimes turn it inwards, so the smaller pocket is on my body. The bag packs well with its small structure, and you can remove the strap and use it as a cosmetic bag in a larger bag for travel. I also love the color it's a nice neutral that is a little unusual.

Chloé Saddel bag- the Chloe bag is a great day in day out bag it's the perfect size as carries a little more but still a shoulder bag, so it feels safe against you. My camera is quite big so it fits into this bag as it wont fit into my Prada.

Burberry Bucket bag- this bag is awesome for me it has two ways to carry and a compartment that comes in and out that i can keep the essentials in it and move it from purse to purse which I Love. and again i Love. I literally used it every day in London last year.

1&2 Burberry 3/4 of length shirt Burberry 3/4 of length shirt I love these shirts their great basics for London for booth the early fall by themselves as well the many sweater i end up wearing.

3 Black sweatshirt shirt- every American should always have a jean shirt its a staple great for two layering types open with a shirt under or button under a sweater

4 Mexican tunic -this tunic I bought in Mexico while I was in Paris this past spring bohemian shirts like this were everywhere in the stores, and I had to pack this shirt.

5 Liberty of london 3/4 length shirt- this shirt is from the British store I love the pop of flair under a sweater with just the collar showing.

6 jean shirt -every American should always have a jean shirt its a staple great for two layering types open with a shirt under or button under a sweater

7 stripe shirt- I got this in Paris, and I love how long it is and am always a lover of stripes

8 madewell bohiemen crop top- again with my paris street watch of bohiemen clothes

9 silk sleeveless button down- love this color for fall another layer that's perfect weight

10 silk cami- love a silk cami and i love the color . this looks great under a blazar

11 lace silk cami i LOVE this cami so cut so great for everything my sister stole it emidetly after i got it and i had to buy another one

1 BCBG aline maxi dress- i love this maxi dress for the first few weeks when its so hot the silk fabric is awsome in the humid weather and i love that its short long dress because maxis can get annoying when your in the city dragging on the dirty floor getting on and off tube with the gap this is just a little fabric to pay attention.

2 DVF wrap maxi - i love a maxi its the best way to put an outfit in minutes and a wrap dress is the best fastest way to combined i love it even if maxis arnt always practical in the city but its comfy cozy and faboulse.

3 Jcrew jumpsuit- same princple as quick outfit assemble but this time you dont have to worry about flowing fabric in the underground and black is always in and crepe fabric is awsome for those summer days. black is always a great packing tool because you add and change assorise and make diffrent outfits.

4 Madwell romper same awsome idea quick outfits and change assorise but with shorts

5 LOFT romper- love this one it has so much style and yet its so nutrual it really is a whole

1 Button down Shirt dress- great classic outfit out a belt on and you are ready to go it can wear it leggings and jacket (see my leather jacket)

2 stip dress- this tshirt dress i picked up in Paris i love the eas of it you can tell by the fact im packing two stripe dresses

3 kim kardation traget dress- i love this dress it is curve a lisouse the fact its from target makes me so happy because it looks like a $500 dress on

4 h&m tropic dress- i got this dress in london i love the styleing of it and its a great through on outfit. im not saying everything from H&M has a lot of style but you can find some great if you put in the work

5 jcrew shift dress- this fun mod shift dress is perfect to transition from casual to work

6 Cannes scarf dress- i LOVE this dress it the perfect summer dress and it makes me think of the south of france

7 stripe dress- another strip dress!! what can i say there easy and cassic and fun

8 strip dress- this another one of those easy dress to go from casual to work i also love anything haulston he just cuts amazing dress it always looks amazing no matter what

1 Burberry wool coat- i got this from bergdorfs years ago on sale and its awsome its my go to piece for going out in the winter

2 Burberry Trench- my most used item in england i use it every single day its classic and this one has a zipp in down insert for the winter as well as the hood also zipps out I love this coat.

3 Ted Baker Cape- i got this coat at the end of the year but i love the color so much and love any coat its not a day in and day out coat rather a going out coat

4 top shop vest- i got this vest at nordstroms this summer im not a huge fan of top shop in london but the nordstrom stuff is pretty cute i love this one its fun with biker look and i can

5 leather jacket- i love all saints and last year i was like i need a leather coat for london its just so stylish so i got this one at the all saints outlet. but i bought mens because it fit me better and had the style i liked more

6 wool vest- this is awsome because it praticul and it makes an outfit

7 Barbour coat- this is the awesome early fall layer Barbour is the British coat company the Queen always wears one there classic is the oiled coat

1 jcrew Slacks: these are great pants i love the cut and color they work in day and night and work. i wear so many pants in london

2 wide leg trousers i became obssed with these types of shorts/pants i think they look so cool

3 Lace skirt- this one of my best finds recently the lace is the right qulity the waist band is elastic (AWSOME) everything is awsome

4 COS high low pencile - i love this skirt its so classic and perfect for work the high low is dun and the legnth is perfect i love COS's style and price

5 Black pencile skirt- a closet staple easy simple

6 leather maxi pleated- i love this its awsome the leather is awsome for fall weather and the style looks so awsome

not pictured but lots and lots of jeans

1 DV over the knee boots- i love these boots they look amazing there a great classic for fall they work perfect for my chloe

2 AGLpoint flats- AGL is a high quality italian brand and the shoes are super comfortable a classic wear all

3 Navjo drining slipper- i love driveing slippers there so awsome and comfortable. and two trends i saw were the african native fabrics and

4 vivian westwood maryjane- these are by one of my favorite designers as well the plastic is great for the ever inpending rain

5 miu miu flats- i wear these all over london the perfect accent shoe for outfits

6 vivian westwood flats- another great gelie flat by my favorite

7 Toms navajo slippers- i love these they have fuzz in the inside they are great for those cold days in london

8 Paul green oxfords- I love paul greens they are so comfortable and great quality shoes when ypu walk everywhere in london you need that shoe

10 Nikes- these are my work out shoes but they are so stylish in europe right now idk why but they are

11 Nikes- these are my real nikes i love the vintage styles

12 vince slip-ons- i had another slip on last yeari wore them to shreds and these ones are a great replacement i love the style of the point toe

13 Frye combat boots- these are just awsome thats it

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