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I Am a girl born and raised in Park City Utah and am so proud of my hometown and state. Everyone knows park city for the wonderful winters with our amazing skiing but outside of Utah it's almost a scream how amazing of a summer town it is. My dad always says, "you come for the winter you stay for the summer." As a local I like to think I have done everything and been everywhere.

Alpine slide the first I think is a summer classic in park city is the Alpine slide, that is the Park City Mountain Resort summer park. Particularly the slide and coaster. The alpine slide has been around forever there seem to be a lot around these days, but this is one of the originals. My family has been riding it since the 1980s and when my dad met my mom he had huge scratches and burns from going way to fast and flying off with my sister in his arms and he had to protect her. But don’t let that scare you as I’ve bee going on it, my whole life and have not once in the 20 years fallen or gotten hurt. The other favorite is the coaster its very similar to slide, but the cart is attached to the track. The first half of the trip you are manual taken up which might be just as great as the actual ride because it's so peaceful, and scenery as your being pulled through the trees.the slide is just fun as you ride the chairlift up. My one advice for the slide is that you take the two right side slides as they’re the originals and have dips, and we think go faster. It says one is the slow course but never believe that they are better than the other two.

Restaurant- most Restaurants in the summer have 2 for 1 or something to that degree

Prime Steakhouse- best quality food in Park City, my dad's best friend owns the restaurant and we always end up here it's our default.

Fletchers- Fletchers is a new restaurant they have some great food its simplicity done to perfection

Ruth Chris- Ruth Chris is steakhouse chain, but I love it they also serve a great lunch as well as dinner Wahso- an Asian-fusion restaurant on main street the restaurant sits above the street and is greatly decorated and really imaginative food (this is a bill white restaurant so instead of 2 for 1 at every restaurant they move it around so you must check the paper)

Grapa- The Italian sister to wahso amazing food. It's in an old town house and is very quaint as there are multiple levels

Zoom- Robert Redford town restaurant on the main street serves a lot of the same as Sundance but with none of the drive.

High West- whiskey and vodka distillery its super cool old building and amazing food also the l lemonade is awesome.

Sundance- Sundance is a ski resort owned by Robert Redford but in all my years of livening here I've been there hundreds of time but only been to it in the winter only a half dozen times. To me, it's summer spot for sure. It's a quick 45-minute drive from park city. The area is so beautiful it's a tiny little area there's hiking and biking and a wonderful Restaurant. They have a wonderful plays in the woods that they stopped for a little bit but have brought back.

Olympic Park- the Olympic park is the site of the 2002 ski jumping bobsledding, Skelton, and lounge. They maintain the tracks and hill and a lot of the Olympians still practice there. On Saturdays, they have ski jumping into the pool doing all sorts of tricks. As well all the sports, you can try your hand at. Finally, apart of the madness they have an Olympic museum that's worth peak.

^ small from granies

Grannies- a Utah classic part of Heber between park city and Sundance. This old "dinner" known for their Utah classic thick milkshake. Bigger then you can and more than you dream. Grannies is run by the same family for generations. They are only open in the summer but if you're passing through in the winter stop on by its next door neighbor Dairy King it's not the old Utah classic but you'll get the taste of the Utah Classic. The flavor options is a white board big.

Deer Vally concerts- Deer Valley concert is probably one of Park City unique events on Saturday nights they have bands or orchestras come and perform rain or shine they perform on the baby hill. The artist range from earth wind and fire to smoke Robinson to the Utah Orchestra performing Broadway music. They are always a good time. You can get reserved seating where you sit on fold up chairs in rows, or you can get general seating. We are fans of the general seating as you can sit on the chair side or the blanket side bring your own blankets and sprawl out as much as you want. We normally bring blankets and claim our space at 6 or so when doors open then go get dinner and some wine. Bring it all back and in enjoy the show.

Movies in the park- every wens day they show movies at the city park another great outdoor venue to enjoy the beauty of what is Utah. Now and then, since we host Sundance, thy show Sundance movies.

River rafting- don't ask what the rapid class is there are none significant unless you go down to Moab, but the rivers are still fun easy going and amazing scenery. The Webber is the old favorite 45 minutes to the start from park city.

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