tips for flying long distance and altogether

tip 1 -what to wear

in this day and age we no longer have this need for flying to be a luxury, and we dress comfortable. (I am so for that whoever wants to wear a pants suit or dress on a plane) that said it didn't mean we should look like a mess. instead find style in comfort.My mom has always told me no shorts on a plane for one particular reason. It's something we don’t like to think about but in case of an emergency while flying shorts mean lots of exposed skin, and that can make a huge difference between living and dying. Our body can only handle so many burns and having more exposed skin means larger area of burns. Same goes for short skirts and dresses. Plus the when your up in the air some 35,000 feet the temperature outside is -63 degrees obviously its not that temperature inside but it always gets colder Right now we are so lucky that comfort is in style and can wear so many fun outfits that keep us happy. I always go with cashmere if possible.

Tip 2- is when to sleep when to stay awake.

My rule follows the time at destination if its day all the way there stay awake, it might be hard, but it will help in the days following. You’ll still have to fight it but the earlier you start, the better it will feel. The same goes the for if your destination its night the whole flight then get on the flight take Advil pm or whatever you do and zonk out.

I plan my flights around this rule on my way from Utah to London I need to sleep so I like a long non-stop flight or my second flight to be as long as possible.

tip 3- 3oz/100ml rule in UK/Europe normally loading those flights they are serious if you have more than 100ml they will go through it away, if all your liquids are not in a CLEAR plastic bag outside your bag they will go through your entire bags and re-x-ray it and if they do that and it all doesn't fit into one of their plastic bags they will make you through away bottles until it does fit. (trust me I’ve traveled through Heathrow 8 or 9 times and maybe once my bags didn't get recheck) I know from experience that Europe as a whole has pretty particular rules on this.

tip 4- sim card change living abroad I have two sim cards one for us and one for Uk. a cool trick I learned to change them in my iPhone is to use an earring to put in the whole of the sim card holder it fits perfectly and is long enough.

Tip 5 FOOD

anyone who knows me knows I’m picky. So i don't ever really like the food on the plane. But I always seemingly forget food. Which is weird because an 12 hours I always get off the plane feeling like a zombie. So I have started remembering snacks I never eat all of them because I try to space out an I always something weird I go through first. It not only is good so your not starving, but it's also great to help keep you awake. On my flight to the US for spring break, I bought a pizza to go and brought in on the plane (yes people gave me weird looks, but most were like you are a genius.) I eat 6 hours into my flight as well stored in the overhead (which is so cold it's like a refrigerator no fear there).

Tip 6 what to watch

entertainment never rely on plane entertainment I always download enough for the full flight I like a comedy its easiest to keep the focus on. A show you haven’t seen at all is awesome because you plug in. I normally don’t watch all the shows but better safe than sorry. If you want to see a movie that's a new release, it will probably be on the plane. Iternational flights normally have free movies, so it's a great time to watch those cheese movies that you don’t want to wait till Netflix but don’t want to pay to rent this is your time. Plenty of time and free. The strategy of the battery life. I have an iPad,iPhone and mac (oddly i am not an apple fan) I normally travel with all three for long flights. This is my theory I download the most onto my iPad (biggest battery life and space) and that way if my computer last longer then expected I can just transfer them onto it but if it doesn't then I have my iPad. So I start with my iPad because I can have it out for take off and loading normally takes 45 minutes on those flight, Then I switch to my computer when in the air because I prefer the larger screen. My hope is to keep my computer alive as long as possible. The shows I want to watch first are my computer, and if I it last longer then the shows I have on it I can transfer shows from the i-pad.

tip 7

Its a long flight brace yourself and there's nothing you can do sit down relax. walk around and just know your going on an adventure.


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