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The English langue never seems as confusing until you leave your own country and enter a different country that speaks English as well. you're thinking that's no big deal; I’ve watched British movies, and I Know British words. What the bloody hell is this Girl talking about I can get a cab if I call from my Mobile. Yea, these are not the words I’m talking about everyone knows what you mean if you call a chip a fry or mobile a cell phone these aren't the words to get confused about. so heres a list UK US surname last name

diary planner

Take away Take out

Oyster card metro card

Rubbish garbage

Hamper Basket

campy Flamboyant

A million Billion

High Street Main Street (sort of)

Garden Yard


Biscuit Cookie

Scone Biscuit

Lemonade Sprite(ish)

Snog Kiss

Fanny equivalent of in Americans saying the C*** word

Proper word for but fanny

Autumn fall

Jumper Sweater

cinema Movie theater

Flat apartment

Teli T.V.

Trainers Sneakers

Jumper Swaeter

Buggy or Pram Stroller

*there's a lot more and I'll add as I think of them.

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