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*Every bedroom is a working piece of art and i will try and upload as it changes (with exeption of my messes)

In the last six years, i have lived in 9 different dorm rooms. You see I started my great Dorm career at the age 15 when i started at boarding school my boarding school had a program that allowed us to move every three months or 3 times a year to allow us to live with different roommates and learn what we liked and didn't like about roommates and dorm living suffice to say I have a lot experience in decorating and preparing a dorm room it can be booth exciting and tedious decorating and putting together a room. So once again I am faced with the exciting task of putting together my room. This is, to be honest, quiet the task in a new country, last year I didn't really put my room together as in I just picked up random things as I went along and acquired stuff but I didn't really buy any furniture. This year I had different plans not only did I have the four bags I flew over with but I also had nine boxes of stuff I stored here over summer. My mom flew over with me and together we faced the task. First we did was to hire someone from Task Rabbit to move my boxes and bags and receive the boxes I flew in the same day they were delivered.

By far the hardest thing is things that come naturally to you "OH i need towels, a waste basket and some dorm furniture lets head to target” well as you know there isn’t a target or a bed bath and beyond etc. so where do we go I found a helpful blog That gave me some hints. Some I had an idea others I had no idea. The biggest was to go to Home BaseI got most of my furniture there just light filler pieces. But as in the States large box stores are not in the center of towns, so you need to have an idea of what you need. For little things we needed took some more fumbling I knew I wanted hangers and towels and frames but I had no idea where to start I love Zara Home for cute things but it can be spendy if you need to outfit a whole dorm as well I like Tiger (pop super once described as if Target and the dollar store had a baby) and there right on the not cut cheap stuff but there's not as many inside London as I would wish there was one down the street from me in Richmond so I had gotten used to going but none in a really close proximity to my new dorm in Kensington. Finally, if all else fails, prime will be there the next day and its right to your door.

Curtain rod is a tenison rod (no need for holes in the wall) curtains from zara home

-these curtains have grammets in them there also some with tabs for holes on top check to see if it has one or the other

-always hang from the cieling to the floor to longate your room if your room is shorter then your cutains or theres something low you dont want them to touch. fold them over and safety pin them up so its not permnet this will also block more light.

frames black square all glass

all art and boards are put up with command velcro for easy removale



before *after the furniture is moved

Framed shopping bags I found this Idea on Pinterest before my freshmen year (see bottom) and loved it. I didn't really have plans to do it again after that but when I came to London, I only had so much space for stuff to bring so everything I brought fit into 3 X 60lb bags. Which meant I had nothing to decorate my room because it was all clothes and bedding etc. so what I did do was must some of my cute scarfs on the wall as decoration and some photos on bulletin board and called it home. It looked cute, and everyone was amazed home much I transformed it but it wasn’t to my standards. As I went shopping and collected bags i decided to start a wall again i bought the picture frames from Tiger for £1, and that's all it cost me.

to get the gallery look 1) I lay them out on the floor first think about the space I'm covering. This one is very long, so I placed the front and back of YSL foundation across the space from each other to create unification. 2) organize by color, size, and orientation. I started with the two black squares frame. I placed the Prada one since its white by the red side and then the Louis Vuitton by the white side. Then placed delicately place others around them. 3) then begin hanging start with the anchors (YSL) then go from one side and adjust from there as needed.

Wall Paper The wallpaper brings a pop of color to the traditional sterile, bland dorm room. I had planned to put it up my freshmen year but had accidentally ordered real wallpaper, not paying close enough attention. The weekend before I left I went to Chicago and helped with her new apartment and we picked some removable wallpaper from Target I had decided to get some in the states and rolled up 5 rolls into two plastic containers. The whole thing takes about an hour. The paper with I pattern I put up takes a little more concentration as you need to be careful with lining up.


the one thing ive found essentail my entire time in dorms is a ful legnth mirror. my bedroom growing up had a wall that wall all one mirror like a bellet studio, so i never knew how important it was until boarding school. monday nights when we had formal dinner everyone would be comeing and out of the bathroom working on thier outfits. this one is a great space saver. and double use.

sophmore year at richmond

v how the wall started ^what it turned into

Older dorms i wish i had more pictures of more of them but i havent been able to find one.

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