Gems of London​

I love living in a city and discovering new cities. With some many people in such a small area it creates so much unusual stuff I.E. street art. One of the best things, for learning about a new city or discovering it is truly to get "lost" getting lost can be so many ways just walking around getting from point A to B without caring how long it takes you to get there. Anyways I wanted yo share some of the cool things I have found within the last few weeks.

this i found walking between my home and south kensington.

this too i found in south ken. Ithought it was so amazing and i am a ski bumm at heart.

this is the starting screen for bend it like beckham its so amazing the show was okay but thos wow the detail when you look.

Camden Lock

Covent garden these clowds are so amazing as a main toursit attraction Covent Garden has instalations all the time and decoration wich is just so amazing.

I love store windows and what they creat is so amazing my favorite are Burgdorf Goodmans they are true orks of art.

this is a car auction house in south kennsington that i happened upon when i saw the skiing mural. it was so cool.

i love fabric stores and have been meaning to go find some in london and the other day stublled upon a few in soho

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