A Little Restaurant Guide: for London

a little disclaimer I don’t have the most refined taste in food to be honest most rednecks probably more refined tastes than I do so I asked a friend for her suggestions, and she is a little bit of a foodie

Cheap eats

Franco Manca - These are around the city they have a few locations with is awesome. But this probably my favorite restaurant in London the pizza is amazing and runs around £5 a pizza in traditional Naples style. The dough is sourdough with sounds weird, but it just adds to the flavor in a way. This is Breakfast lunch and dinner type of place.

Itsu- another chain that I probably wouldn’t write on my world's greatest restaurant list but the price is supper cheap and its the fastest way to get food on a run. Its sushi and another asian cuisine already prepared and ready to go.

GBK or Byron- booth burger joints booth on the average high street GBK stands for Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Theres an argument for booth. GBK I like because they have amazing Skinny Fries and milkshakes, Byron has a “better” burger not to say GBK docent have great burgers.

Normal eats-

Balans- Is super cute decorated inside they have a few locations? They have a lot of American soul food with I’m a fan of (to some degree) I actually looked at their menu and had to decide what I wanted, and that never happens I look for what I like, and that's what I order.

Franco’s- is a little Italian restaurant off Picadilly its kind obscure but is amazing, great quality food for lunch the ritzs concierge recommended it to us, and it was awesome. Definitely a local power luncheon restaurant

Breakfast Club- this is the restaurant in London always a line out the door, but I’m told its worth it and yes I haven’t tried, but I plan on soon

CIPRIANI/ C LONDON- This restaurant is a chain outside London, and I'm told the actual food is nothing amazing but the desert is amazing. My friend and I had dinner nearby at a fancy restaurant and we looked at the dessert menu and thought eh.. so she said she knew a place, and we came and just had to dessert at this restaurant and it was amazing. Im not a cake person but my mom likes to do something for my birthday so I told her about this place's cake, and she went to the end of the world to get it to me.

Fancy eats-

Aqua Shard- I would say you come for the views and are amazed with the food. The Shard building is the tallest building in London there are a few restaurants in the building I have only tried the one, so I can only give feedback on the one but the food is beautiful and the space is gorgeous, but the dinner is around £200 for 5 people. So yes spendy.

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