Christmas list: get your Christmas​ shopping done

for some this might seem early but truthfuly for me this is late. I try to get christmas done by september by now i only have one person left, my mom. but for those "normal" people im here to help. i dont want to brag but chirstmas is my soecialty next to fashion. litearly to point that i make my family feel bad because no matter what they feel they can't do anything for me as well as i do for them.

Advice: If i were to give one piece of advice its listen to the people around you when they make a comment about somthing dosent have to be driect like "for christmas i want a burberry coat it might just be "ive been obessed with this burberry coat lately." because of this do it as the year gose. christms shopping has never made since to me the idea you just go to the mall and think i have these people to buy for ..... lets see what works for each of them. first of all your playing rigth into comercialism you end up buying what the stores what you to buy and you dont ever get a good deal. Buy through the year

2ndly when you dont here them mention any thing buy something you loved. for expample youve be come obssed with a new face cream so you give it to them noteing to them how much you love this product.

3rd if it reminds you of them its a good choice. the point of christmas presents is to say i care about you. seeing somthing and buying it for them because it has there essance says you think of them when your out and about.

4th homemade is the way. my mom always talks about her friend who use to make cookies because she had no money but then married and came into money so she gave little "plush gifts that really meant nothin." and how she always missed the cookies that cost nothing. (this includes personilezed gift like photo collages)

5th if all else fails go lux. it might not be expensive to you but will feel lux to them. or to you its cheep because you can find it for cheep or have a way to get deals on it (maybe employee discount???)

the men in your life

LEATHER TRAVEL WALLET (medium) iPad Mini Kindle folio passport holder document organiser organizer portfolio cover real genuine


London Map Notebook


Stainless Steel Flask and Cigar Holder

$24.95 each

a great diy present

buy a football from walmart or so and cut up then and either get a metal plate ingraved or wright on wood or paper and frame the whole thing.


Ringtool Emergency Multi-Tool

Starting at $28


Liquid Plastic Welder Kit




Starting at $340

the women in your life


Hair Tie Bracelet



$ 50


Fringe Maxi Vest


4-in-1 Outlet Adapter



'Le Pliage' Expandable Travel Bag (21 Inch)


the best bag ever for travlers because you can adjust from dufflre to weekend bag



this is my go to bag i bought it 3 years ago and since my mom, sister and grandmother have all bought one because of me

the Kidsthe women in your life

Once KidsCityscape

Wooden Blocks


Set of four includes London, New York, Paris, and Hong Kong cityscapes.

  • umm how cute are these

Micro Kickboard

Mini2Go 3-in-1 Scooter, Pink or blue


im obssed with all the kids on there scooters in london ridding to school i think its genuise


Unicorn Stuffed Animal


umm who dosent need a large stuffed unicorn i certainly do


London Phone Booth



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