Chocolate with a side of Belgium

i have a wierd way of decideding where i want to travel i go on marriott (i get a special rate) and look at cities i would like to travel to. and look at the weekends that have the best rates i make a few reservations and see what ends up working out with school and stuff. Belgium was the only trip we made because of midterms and friends but we had a blast.

Friday 13th(i know yes we risked it and took a trip)

2:30- leave London for Brussels 5:30- check into hotel Marriott

-I found this Marriott because it had a great deal, but I’m so glad we stayed there because it was really central

6:00- walk around trying to find dinner -turns out we walked down the only road near out hotel that didn't have anything and was a little creepy, but that's part of getting lost in a new city -we found a sushi restaurant not worth writing about

14th Saturday

9:30- we left the hotel in search for the hop on and off bus

10:00- we walked through grand plaza and decided to look around and have breakfast

10:45- there’s a museum musee dela ville de bruxelles ​in the square, and we thought worth checkout pretty reasonable the student rate was only 3 euros -the peeing boy status has a collection of outfits to celebrate all the different holidays and cultures, and you can see that -as well as a great collection of art -and the history of the city -this makes the perfect first stop in the city

11:15- we finally got going again and wandered in the direction of the central train station along the way we saw much of the city (though it was only and 1KM walk) the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

12:00- we finally got to the hop on & off -the tour has two routes that are pretty short we only took one -for most of it we stayed on and listen to the commentary

12:45- got off and saw the atomium -You have to wait in line for tickets and for the elevator, but Both went pretty fast \ -At the top, you get some amazing views of the city -there's also and exhibition center and playground via an escalator, but we opted out

1:30 we walked over to the mini Europe -it was cute and fun but if you don’t have a lot of time, or it is cold, and you don’t want to be in the cold I would skip

-Photo shoot while we wait for the bus? Um YESSS!!

2:30- got on the bus and headed around town listening to the commentary

3:00- we got off on the shopping street as it was near our hotel and went to our hotel before lunch

3:30 we went and had some lunch at an Italian restaurant

4:00 shopping -not the best shopping but some fun stuff -the chocolate shopping though is awesome

7:00 we headed out to dinner after some downtime -we ate at a cute “diner restaurant.” -then wandered around in the night

15th Sunday

My friend, I was traveling with had been in Moab, Utah last spring and had met a Belgium family with twin 19-year-old boys from there from Sint-Nikaals (Saint- Nicolas), Belgium and goes to uni in Aalst, Belgium.Any ways she had asked if they wanted to meet up with us and one was able to come and showed us around

10:00- check out and pack and met up 1st he took us back to grand plaza told us about how it was a city hall and offices mayor of Brussels and ministries

2nd we walked over to the "peeing boy statue.” told us how it was in remembrance of a boy who put out a fire by peeing on fire when the city was endangered

3rd we went up to a park and saw all the statues he knew a few of them and the history of them and told us those stories as well then showed us some cool shops in the area

4th we walked over to museum and square the museum wasn’t open yet, and there was a line already so walked and got hot chocolate

5th we had mentioned we hadn’t gotten frits or beer (we wanted frits, and he insisted we have beer in Belgium) the frits place we found was just your standard tourist one but good none the less.

12:00 6th we went to Delirium Cafe a popular pub as it has the largest selection (but Felix said they weren’t the Normal Belgium beers) though neither of us liked beer we still each got a pint and tried our hands at it (we didn't get on a band wagon, but appreciated the try) they also have tasting menu, but only two of were drinking, so that was a bit much


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