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I love Christmas; I love Christmas in Park City even more, and I'm so excited to be headed home on Friday. I want to give a little guide of what makes PC, the greatest ski town on earth (no argument, please). I've spent most of life trying to live anywhere else (it is a small town after all) and yet it still is my favorite place on earth to be.


Hotel Park City

- My sister had her wedding here in 2007 (apparently she's in their wedding book). This is a relatively new hotel about ten years old and Marriott just acquired it as an autograph collection hotel. The hotel rooms are all suites and are very cozy the people is heated according to the weather demands. (have you ever played tingle feet where you get in the snow and then run into the hot tub and your feet tingle from shock). The hotel is not connected to any mountain nor the main street, yet a 15-minute walk to both (oh and the public buses in PC are Free my friend once saw Robert Patterson on one). This is perfect if you're a family or a few people, and you have different interests and are not focused on skiing. Oh and the best part is the hotel restaurant is Ruth Chris steakhouse. We used to live down the road and went almost every night (yeah I know it's sad). Oh and it's on the public golf course wich is open to cross-country skiing during the winter.

^steins dose some amzing ginger bread house everyyear this one was the Frozen Palace, theyve done hogwarts repblica, 4 ft tall thomas the train, and many more.

Stein Ericson Lodge

-Pc's original Luxury hotel, named after the beloved Norwegian Olympic skier it sits mid-mountain in Deer Valley. Literally Ski-in-ski-out. If you have a snowboarder in you, family, I would not suggest as there is no snowboarding at DV. if not this is the best it Gets. My family loves the restaurant it's a ski day must lunch at Stien's. They use to have a sofa and chairs by the fire, and my aunt reserved it every day of the ski year (I don't know if she really did or what but we always had it available to us.

Waldorf Astoria

A pretty new hotel to park city but a well welcomed one thanks to the great spa (seriously we've been dying to get a great one like this). My understanding is the rooms are small. But it's connected to Canyons (now park city mountain) it has its own chair lift to take you to the main resort center. Of course at the end of the day it's a Waldorf and they have great service. The other drawback is that it's not in town.

^ montage's 10ft tall real gingerbread house


If you're looking at spending a fortune and want to be pampered from head to toes, and only want to ski and relax. This is the place for you the average room in winter goes for a minimum of $600 (the Kardashians stay here when there in town). The hotel is at the tippy top of Deer Valley and is ski in ski out (but no baby hill or beginner).


There's 4 Marriotts Park City Marriott, Marriott's Mountainside, and Marriott's Summit Watch a lot for a town that's 17 miles square. It might be that Mr. Marriot owns a house here, and his daughter and grandchildren live here, but if you're not willing to spend a million bucks for a ski vacation. Then there all a great choice the vacation hotels ( Marriott's Mountainside, and Marriott's Summit Watch) have really great big rooms that change from a one bedroom suit to 2 bedroom suit. Park City Marriott believe the most reasonable it might seem like the weird place, but it's actually really accessible to everything and there're some Local good restaurants near by.


szechwan- A local Favorite, a friend of mine who works at the Marriott in town as a concierge said the best question she's ever been asked was what "restaurant would do you eat at" and This is one of those. It's outside of town. But its awesome I crave it somedays when I'm away

steins- I mentioned it before Stein Erickson is a ski day classic. Or a Sunday brunch. they're famouse for the wild game chili.

Deer Valley cafe-All Deer Valley catered restaurants are a good choice. The cafe is nice if your nor skiing as it's at the bottom separate from the mountain. But honestly eating at Valley deer restaurant is delicious many of people have been known not to make it on the hill after. Dv's most famouse for the Turkey chili and cookies at deer valley. i believe they are served at all Dv establishments.

Prime Steakhouse- best quality food in Park City, my dad's best friend owns the restaurant and we always end up here it's our default. (Oh and I've seen photos of harry styles here during Sundance)Fletchers- Fletchers is a new restaurant they have some great food its simplicity is done to perfection.

Ruth Chris- Ruth Chris is Steakhouse is a chain, but I love it they also serve a great lunch as well as dinner. Wahso- an Asian-fusion restaurant on main street the restaurant sits above the street and is beautifully decorated and really imaginative food.

Grapa- The Italian sister to wahso amazing food. It's in an old town house and is very quaint as there are multiple levels, so it's cut up into multiple rooms. This is probably the most romantic restraunt in park city.

Zoom- Robert Redford town restaurant on main street they servs a lot of the same as Sundance but with none of the drive.

High West- whiskey and vodka distillery is in a super cool old building and has amazing food also the lemonade is awesome I don't know why but it is. Also, try the fried donut for desert. Ohe and the biggest thing is they are whiskey and vodka distillery so they make it all on grounds and have actually created a real following throughout the country (you can get a tour of the distillery). As well the I mention the bison burger is worth mentioning. This can be a bar or restaurant depending on you take.

fired donute v

Vinto- Vinto has great pizza in Nepalese Pizza, its fun and young and great for family and 20 somethings.

Squatters park city- definition of local favorite, its actually in the building that use to be a real local favorite, but the food wasn't so god, and it looked like a truck stop, but it had been there forever. Anyway the point is everyone loves squatters we treat it as a breakfast place but the beauty of squatters is as there known for their beer and burgers, burgers are served around the clock. (because it's illegal in Utah to serve alcohol before 12. Get the Utah scones there more begins but delicious. And the owner is the brother of the owner of Wasatch beer the names are all Utah jokes.

Bars--you are asking the wrong person and yes Utah has strict alcohol laws (you can't buy on Sunday and you can only ever buy it at state liquor stores, and the alcohol % are normally different but never less we still have fun and you are at high a guide so you get drunk faster. no name was just on BuzzFeed best bar in each state. as a city we are really sorry you have to deal with the mormons and there laws and would love for you to get as drunk and be as scandoulse as possible but we are moniterd by the state even more because we are after all a city of sin.

non skiing things to do

tubbing- gorgoza a fun classic I think everyone should go but no worries there two hills. My one advice is to wear snow pants.

cross country skiing - again not forte, but some people love it like my mom. Although with my dog pulling me it was fun.

hiking/ snow shoeing- i dont hike but some people tell me its fun.

^our very own baskey from sundance when a banksy documentry was shown theres two on main street

shopping- there are two routes Mainstreet cute and boutique and a good walk like it's a hill, but it is a quintessential ski town. My favorite stores Flight, Park City Jewelers (there's a ginger snap cookie in it for you), and Gorsuch, but there all good. The other is the outlet malls JCrew, Nike, banana republic, and many more. If your feeling adventurous, City Creek Mall in Salt Lake City is a beautiful piece of architecture.

^me as a sundance goer in 2004,

snowmobiling - on my to do list but we do have plenty places to go.

going to the temple- just kidding but totally can go in salt lake but only Mormons with papers are allowed inside the actual temple.

^ My sister in the opening cermoney for the olympics i was in it too but my auncle just so happen to get a shot of her.

Olympic Park- A 2002 Olympic event spot was holding ski jumping, bobsledding, skeleton, and luge. Most American Olympic athletes still practice here, and you can take part in all the fun of all events. As well there's a museum of the 2002 Olympics.


deer valley

I'm sure you can tell based on my comments that I clearly am partial to Deer Valley. I worked there for three and learned to ski with them from 2 to 6, as well I have had a ski pass there from 2 till 15 (I started working at 15). But more to the point I love deer valley the staff is very nice if you're a beginner skier deer valley is definitely your best bet as they are known for there groomers (ski runs that are groomed flat). Though there is still variation in levels there known for there moguls the 2002 Olympics Freestyle was held at DV and many events since. As well chutes are always fun. But seriously do is about the food between runs. Dv is one of three ski resorts in the country who don't allow SNOWBOARDING.

​Park city moutain

Park City Mountain is sort of a new addition the namesake has been around forever, but this is the premiere season for it as a combination with Canyons ski resort. For the past few year there has been a whole hoopla on PC mountain and this fiasco over the top part of the mountain, long story short Vail resort ended up buying PC mountain, and as they already owned the canyons, they combined the two. So my personal thoughts are a little skewed as I have not skied the whole thing as one, I can tell you I've never been a huge fan of canyons I hate the way you have to take one gondola to get to the main part (unless you're staying at a hotel up there) and then another gondola to the skiing area. So the biggest bonus is the new entrance into the resort being through PC mountain as you can park and walk right on to the hill and get going. I used to train at the original PC mountain for ski racing. There famous bull is Jupiter bowl that's always fun in a powder day (fresh snow). The food is no Deer Valley, but a top by mid-mountain lodge is always fun PC is probably the most "local" as there's no ski in ski out lodges really.


Sundance is a small resort about an hour out away from park city it's owned by Robert Redford it's a beautiful area you have the Timpanogos to look on to as you ski as well the resort its self is very cute and the foods amazing. If you're only in town to ski a day, I would suggest a night at Sundance the rooms are cute and are all houses so you can fit many people into the rooms. But the mountain. Is nothing large so more than two days you'll be board.


Snow Bird or as also known as the poor mans, Alta. When I was a racer, we skied SnowBird mainly on powder days. Its awesome skiing and cheap is just a bonus, check out chemical basin on the back side. I think the only run they ever groom is the baby hill or at least that's how it feels (I like). Oh and if you buy a pass you can ski Alta and Snowbird in one day (although that would be a lot) the two are connected at the top.

^v 1 hours from Park City.


Alta is every freestyler Heaven it's always on the top of the expertise favorite list. It's all powder all fun. The one drawback is that it is ski only though the legend goes all only owns the ski lifts the runs themselves are national forest or something so if you can get to the top of the mountain without boarding the chairlift with a snowboard you can snowboard all you want. (Burton always has competition for people snowboarding down ALTA, Deer Valley, and the one Vermont).


Snowbasin deserves an honorable mention as they have great skiing and great food (there owned by sun valley). The problem is its isolated, above Heber. The resort is a 1.5 away from PC.

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