our christmas traditions

Christmas Eve- we have our annual party all is invited sushi is served then we set up Christmas morning table is set presents are scattered under the tree and stockings are switched with filled ones

stockings at wake up time- somewhere between 5 and 7

this year the kids got Santa presents first under the mini tree (we always got them under the big tree with everyone else wrapped but that's what Jess wanted)

then intermission- stockings get moved to rooms and breakfast gets made

Our Christmas breakfast involves Eggs Benedict and that might be our most famous traditions, then we had added french toast a few years ago and some mimosas or orange juice. ​​

the pates my sister her husband and three kids her older son, Sullivan, and the twins Charlotte and Tommy.

After presents we go off and do our own thing sometimes, we'll go skiing sometimes to a movie sometimes like this year we just chill, or sometimes we leave for vacation Christmas day. This year we did do a Christmas dinner after we finished presents.

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