christmas time in the city (london)

Kew Garden Christmas

Kew Gardens are the most British name that exists I always think, and it always makes me smile. It's the stop right before mine on the tube. Kew Gardens is a famous botanical Garden in London and at Christmas time they create a light show for families and other alike its a beautiful time. Great place time to get out of London but only like a 20-minute tube ride on the district.

The Nutcracker at the London Coliseum

I mean it's the Nutcracker does it gets more classical Christmas than that. And this is the one to see.

Winter Wonderland

Probably the cheesiest thing I've was seen but it one of those things you just go once to. It has the checks you need carnival, Christmas Fair, ice skating, and food.

Ice Skateing

Ice Skating is one of my favorite holidays traditions it's something I've done since I was little growing up in a ski town I had personalized skates every year. London has quite a few ice rinks for Christmas my Favorite is Somerset House. I thought I would like to skate at natural history gallery more because its such a beautiful building and the trees in the middle but Somerset just has a better atmosphere.

Ice Skate London



The London eye

Somerset House

Wembly Park

Natural History Museum

Hampton Court

Hyde Park-WinterWonderand

the tower of London

Wembly Stadium


Christmas is the king of shopping; everything changes the windows are wonderful the decorations are beautiful, and if you're lucky the prices can be great. London loves Christmas unlike the US it comes its-its self with the Christian church and dresses up to get in the Christmas spirit and none to that better than the stores. Take a stroll down Bond-street check out those elaborate window display stroll into the streets where every square has its own Christmas tree.

Christmas Fair

Christmas fairs are one of Europe's most famous event they happen all over Europe. I find there incredibly Kitchy but lots of fun. You can find beautiful ornaments and great food.

Fairs around london




Tate modern

Cockpit arts

Fair christmas

winter wonderland

London Bridge


and many more most churchs also hold them

below is one in Zürich, switzerland

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