happy 21st to me

A week from today is my 21st birthday, so I wanted to share my favorite 21st birthday gift. Champegen!!

what you'll need

  • A bottle of champagne or 2

  • glue (in US I like mod podge)

  • clear adhesive (clear spray paint)

  • sparkles letter stickers

step 1

apply letters to bottle I spell happy 21st Name bottle 1 bottle 2

step 2

apply glue I like to cover the back label and go around the front label

step 3

apply the sparkles applying over a plastic placemat helps control the mess so you can scoop and but back in the bottle

step 4

remove the letters carefully while its dry enough to stay but wet enough to move a little

smaller parts of letters may need a bit of recoverage

finally, spray with clear coat and let sit before wrapping

you can also do some glasses same concept


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