Cabo 2015

In the last five years, my family has become endeared to Cabo. The last three Christmases we have taken off to Cabo for the week after Christmas. As a few other times and from that I have a little bit more knowledge than the average person. (though my night life knowledge is pretty much shot).


El Farallon - is a beautiful restaurant on the cliffs of a hotel on the pacific side of the peninsula. The food is fresh seafood of the highest quality. One of my favorite parts is the way you get to the hotel since it sits on the cliffs you have to go through a mountain meaning you go through a tunnel that they’ve lit up with the Mexican metal stars and it's just beautiful.

Seven seas- is my families favorite restaurant it has a beautiful view its very low key the food is all exquisite. And the view is gorgeous of the sea. It's a part of the surf hotel but feels like a local spot. The beach is a favorite surf spot among many surfers. An important note is that there great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

la Rocca- is a restaurant we went to by mistake this past time when we were trying to make it to El Farallon we ended up making a reservation for La Rocca, and we had great food and beautiful view and a nice atmosphere.

Flora Farms- is the its place in Cabo at the moment it's where Adam Levine got married we ate there on new years and saw booth Rachel Zoe and Jessica Alba. But regardless it's a great place it's very rustic in the best way, everything is grown

the container- is a fun little restaurant at the marina in Cabo San Jose, the container is literally a shipping container that has a rectangle cut out for a bar and seating in front the food is all so fresh and great stop for lunch.

things to do'

flyboard- flyboarding a new fun sport, it only been around for a few years but Cabo flyboarding was an early adapter.

sail- this has become one of our favorite things to do it's so relaxing completely private, and you can see some whales and go snorkeling and just soak up the sun.

Jet ski- if you go to the beach past all the hotels there's a soccer field in front. There's a bunch of stands where you can barter and get a deal on jet skiing, parasailing, paddle boarding.

movie- if you happen to be in town on one of the few cloudy, rainy days, you can go see a movie most movies in Mexico are in English with Spanish subtitles instead of dubbed.

shopping- we love to shop in Cabo my mom loves the Mexican dresses we prefer San Jose as its more authentic then Cabo Las Vegas aka San lucas

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