For my 21st birthday, my friend and I decided to take a trip to Florence. I arrived Thursday afternoon while my friend flew in Friday night.

Thursday - January 28th

I arrived, flying into Florence. I stayed at the St Regis it's right on the river, and everything is gorgeous. If it's in your budget, I would highly recommend it.

Friday- January 29th

massage I started the weekend with a nice massage in the Clarins Spa.

Walk along the River I love how almost every major European city has a river. Historically speaking it makes sense, and I find its the best place to start exploring a city. You don’t get lost, and it gives you a sense of the city.

Palazzo Medici in school I’m taking a course on art museums and Galleries, one of the museums we’ve studied was the the place de middicii in its original form from when it held most of the meddiccis treasures. it no longer holds those items instead it shows off the beautiful architecture and decorations. its not a standard stop but something i would tell people not to miss.

Get lost- Once, I had seen the palace I got lost in the city. I walked around for a while getting the lay of the land finding my gold charm for the trip

Saturday- January 30th

segway tour My sister had taken a seaway tour in Rome and had suggested it for Florence as in tally everything important is walking only and you need a fast way to see everything. The tour takes 3 hours, and you see the Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo and Piazza Santa Croce and a few more spots. the start is near the Piazza Della Signoria. If you've never ridden a Segway there's a 30-minute leasson before and there super easy and super fun.

Lunch- we went to orbicá an italian restaurant chain owed by a neap Alise couple. Our tour guide had suggested it which is funny because my friend and I had ordered delivery from there in London a few days before.

Doma- we had made a list of where we would want to go back to during the tour. We looked in inside the doma and then went to get tickets to go up to the dome.Truthfully we didn't make it to the top there are three levels before the top.

gelloto- we deserved it even without getting to the top we worked hard

Academia- You can’t go to Florence and not see the David and while you're there chervil out the rest of the museum there not the David but why not.

Market- Walking back, we went to one of the florence’s famous markets: with leather goods and tourist trinkets.

after getting lost (not on purpose) we went and napped

Dinner- Wondering on the other side of the river we finally found a little restaurant to eat and had a wonderful meal the place was really charming, and the food was excellent.

Sunday- January 31th

Sunday- January 31st (my BIrthday)

my friend wrote it was my birthday so they put a candel in my pancakes


Sunday we had roo -service for breakfast after sleeping in a bit. My best advice for Italy is to have breakfast at your hotel if you want to eat as the Italians don’t really do breakfast it's all pastries, but the pastries are sweetened some way croissants have surged glazing and fillings and cakes art unusual, and it can be a little much. or look for the words (american breakfast)

Piazza de' Pitti Gardens- i asked my sister (who studied in florence for a semester) where to go and what to do. The Piazza de' Pitti gardens were her top recommendation. You can get great views of the city. the ticket also includes the costume exhibit and a few other things.

Gucci Museo

Our last stop was the Gucci Museo. I loved the museam its really intresting. It gives the history of gucci and the fundamentals of the brand.

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