Things I can't live without right now

everyone has that one pair of shoes that one pair of jeans. you know that thing that you always put on and you cant live without. for me its probably a group of things and this is my list of things that i cant live without because they fit perfectly into my life. its funny because in my life ot depends on where i am.

My Alexander McQueen bag I just got it for my birthday, and I use it every day my computer and all my school stuff fit in perfectly to it as well as my everyday personal products.the color works with everything. finally, I've always loved skulls and so I love the little skull lock.

Anyone who lives in where it gets actual winter they know about the go to coat. mine this ted baker coat it's that traditional wool coat, but it's notched in at the waist giving you flattering figure wich lets face it in the winter is super hard to have a waist with all the layers.

Jeans are my everything in my college life I wear a bunch of pairs but have found my go to brands are Paige jeans wich always look cute and you can usually find at the Nordstrom rack for like $100. My other favorite brand is gap/banana republic its funny because I think at this time in the gap history we all hate gap but they started by selling jeans and it's really good.

slip on shoes are my jam clearly I'm really lazy, but I just love my black slip on tennis there comfy and there super cute. this pair is Vince, who is also a big fan of they make high-quality stuff. clearly I have worn the heck out of these, but that just love.

​​my boots even though I grew up in snow I don't think I ever got the point of boots and especially not ankle boots. but I get it now because it feels so much colder here than it ever did back home, and I'm like actually outside. but I get it, and I need these shoes some days because unlike tall boots you can wear them with flare jeans and if you wear then with skinny jeans there high enough to meet your jeans and your ankles don't get chilly. but obviously, the best part they are slip-on. and there Frye wich I have been awesome because they make great shoes and great leather.


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