good air spring break

Friday march 4 th

Fly from London to Madrid to Buenos Aires

Saturday march 5th

My flight was 2 hours late, and it take almost a whole other hour to get through customs.

Club Frances

When we finally through we took a cab to our hotel the Club Frances

Recoleta Cemetery: After dropping off my bags, we walked to the cemetery and had lunch (nothing notable)

We walked through the cemetery and found Eve Peron's grave then walked around the park.

After a quick nap, we walked to the which has some of the best shopping in B.A. the shops are completely different than in the U.S and Europe

dinner at La Cabaña That night we walked from the hotel to the wharf and eat at my parents favorite La Cabaña. We were a little scared as it's a traditional argentine Restraunt and I don't eat beef but I had boneless chicken and my dad thought it was the best of the 3 meals (steak and Risotto). I also had fries and they were just like in-out fries which I loved.

Sunday march 6th

My dad and me eat in the hotel it was good, not great the pancakes were in, syrup but it wasn't maple syrup it tasted like lemon mirang cake. We walked around the city found a Starbucks and just enjoyed the day.


At noon my dad's employee picked us up and took us to this town with an amazing Italian Restraunt in the town Campana is also the oldest in Argentina it's about an hour outside B.A. The lunch took 3 hrs and included a intermission of my mom and me walking around town. The Restraunt is real locals place, the night before the entire Restraunt had been rented out by Toyota and everyone important from the Vice President down were invited from all over the world.


We stayed at the sofitel out of town it's beautiful getaway we enjoyed the pool and they had a tiny lake you could kayak on. the rooms were huge and great.

Monday March 7th

My father's worker picked us up Monday morning he planned for us to see the whole leather processes from hode to leather. We started at the tannery, (I'm going to write a blog next week the 20th)

Ley Primera

For lunch we had lunch at a little village with shops and Restraunt in Ingeniero Maschwitz a town is known for antiques the area was recently developed and has the look of Boccaccio in Buenos Aires. We eat at Ley Primera It's a traditional Argentine barbeque our we had meats and chicken a nice little trip out of Buenos Aires would be well worth it to visit the area.

We visited the finishing plant wihere the sealing and the cutting and sewing happens.

Alvear palace Hotel

That afternoon we checked into the Alvear palace Hotel back in the city. The alvear is the most famous hotel of Buenos Aries the plaza or Ritz. We had drinks at the bar before taking a nap.

That night we walked around the ricoletta went back to the shops and finished with drinks at the Park Hyatt, a beautiful hotel with a courtyard that feels like a sanctuary in the city.

Tuesday, March 8th

Private city tour

We had a city tour planned the guy was excellent he took us past all the important areas of the city. Including getting out of the car at Mayo square and saw the pink palace up close and went into the Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires Where Pope Francis used to preach. As well as a trip to Boca and Palermo. The Eva Peron's cemetery and ricoletta would have been included, but we had already gone around. He also was happy to drop us off at the airport as we were planning going right after to the airport, so he was more than happy to take us for 300 pesos= $21.


iguazu falls

Our second part of our trip was to iguazu falls we flew from buenos Aires city airport to iguazu falls.

We landed and we to the Iguazu hotel and stayed at the Sheraton hotel it's the only hotel inside the national park. It's a little run down and your paying for the location but I think it's worth it for the view of the falls as the town is a little far out.

We Had dinner at the hotel we were a little hesatint of it as it looked like a nursing home dinning room, but the food was actually pretty good.

Wedsenday 9th

tour of the falls

In the morning, we had paid for a tour of the falls with a boat ride In the early morning, it was lighting and thundering though by the time we were picked up it was just raining. The company picked us up took us out of the park and to the pedestrian entrance we were able to buy ponchos as we thought they were going to provide them for us but the hotel has rainforest backpacks with water bottles and rain jackets and insect repellent. We walked from the entrance to the train that took us from the bottom of the waterfalls to the top and then walked for 15 minutes to the falls by the time we got to the falls it was pouring we decided to not go on the boat ride into the falls as it was already pouring and you wouldn't see that much and it was lightening again.We walked back and found out there was a path straight from the hotel to the train. We decided that it we would rather go back to B.A. as everything in Iguazu was outdoors, and it said the rain would continue into the next day we had a zip line and adventure tour booked For Thursday.

Plaza Hotel

When we got back to ba we checked into our last hotel the plaza. It used to be a Marriott, and my parents used to stay there, but it was sold and now is pretty nice a little old but the rooms are huge and beds are inc incredibly comfortable.

Palermo Hollywood

We headed out for the night and walked around the marena but decided we wanted some good food the number 1 Restaurant on Trip Advisor is called San Paolo pizzeria and so we took the cab to the Restaurant it turned out to be in Palermo Hollywood the Restaurant was completely booked but they suggested a Restraunt called Siamo Nel Forno It was a few blocks away and so good a real find and we really got to explore the area.

Thursday 10th

The hotel is on the shopping street called Florida we walked down and then back around to the galleria and got our gifts.

From Florida street we walked to ... I had seen a sheepskin furry soccer ball I had wanted to get for my nephew.

From there we took a cab to Palermo soho and walked around the shops and finished with early dinner at 58 degrees the food was good the atmosphere was adorable.

Friday 11th

We went down Florida street again

Cafe Tortoni cafe tortoni is one of the most famous and oldest coffee houses in Buenos Aires.

Then from there to recoullette and to the shops there


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