packing up

Finals are here which means moving out for summer. I'll be back in 2 weeks for an internship, but I'm moving into a different building but will move back here in the fall. I have quite a bit of experience with moving, boarding school we had three rooms a year except senior year so in three years I had seven rooms. That would make this my 10th dorm room (crazy). This year for summer storage I'm storing with By Stored they drop off containers you fill up, or they will pack it. And take away. Last year I stored with seven seas they pick up and drop off as well as give you the boxes. But they don't come up to your flat which is a problem. And you choose a DAY, AND THEY assign you a time whereas by stored you want an hour time slot.

my room when i moved in blog on it here

day 1: drop off empty containers

day 2: start packing

i've split my boxes in two spots one half will stay in storage all summer other half ill move into my room for summer

cushioning my frames with clothes so i don't have to use

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