Liberty Deer

I've been obsessed with these deers that liberty sells, there in the area of £1,500 (not my price range), but i thought i could create it myself.

1) first I found a form

i found this wooden "puzzle" on etsy it runs about $50 and i found it was really easy to assemble. theres other animals you could do this with

2) once i received it i assembled it

3) I created paper mache

50% flour

50% water

i cut up paper bags to make strong even surface

4) apply paper mache

soak and apply paper strips

work on the front let dry 3-4 hors and then flip over

I avoided the rack because i like the raw look of wood

5) choose fabrics

I wanted to stick with the liberty look of flowers but you could go with anything you could do the entire deer in one fabric or as i did the patch work.

6) Add modge podge to left over paper mache mix

7) cut fabric to area wanted

8) soak fabric

9) apply to areas

9) after doing the front let it dry and then set up back to apply to the back

#diy #CRAFTS

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