LA weekend

I've been coming to LA since i was a little girl. since my sisters are from here and we picked them up. but its always been a stop over city. This time it was the destination was LA, my sisters are huge beyonce fans and had planned us all to come here for the concert with a little birthday celebration for my sister's birthday on the 17th.

wednesday 11th

we flew into Palm Desert so we could have some appointments and get our car.

thursday 12th


In The Morning, I had a hydrafacial at my dermatologist. Hydrafacials are awesome but super expensive running about $500 a facial. The facial sucks out the bad stuff and replace with a balanced solution.


that Afternoon I had my hair cut, blow dried and highlighted at Park One Eleven with Marilyn


We drove to L.A. after appointments.


We stopped at the outlets in Cabazon. It's right on the route to LA. my sister had wanted a leather jacket for her birthday in July, and we stopped and picked one out at the All Saints outlets, and maybe a few other things. It's the largest outlets in the world and a true outlet.

a dodger game

My Uncle Steve (Garvey) is pretty famous Dodger players, and yet I had never been to a Dodger game. They just so happened to have a box Thursday and invited us to come watch. We didn't watch much of the game but had some fun hanging out and seeing Uncle Steve in action.


We looked at a few places in L.A. to stay. Los Angles is so big, and the two most important things on the schedule: were Universal studios and Beyoncé at Rose Bowl in pasadena. And getting around LA is AWFUL with traffic. We ended up going with manhattan beach because one of my sisters lives near and driving was going to be hassek anyways, so the area is cute and close to the airport. Manhattan beach is very beachy and cute I've fallen in love with the area.

Friday 13th

Universal Studios-

I've been dying to go to Harry Potter World FOREVER. But have no reason to go to Orlando, so I've been hoping they would be opening one in LA so when I found out they were, and I had plans to be there I made it clear this would be happening. Harry Potter was fantastic there're only two rides the rollercoaster is kind of lame and short. But the simulation ride is amazing as well as walking around Hogsmeade. And I got my BUTTER BEER. The rest of Universal is kind of lame and outdated just as I remember.

lunch at the point

We thought about having lunch at the three broomsticks, but they had a line, and we were done, so we headed back and ate around the corner from the hotel at hopdoddy a healthy burger joint. The food was okay the shopping area is cute.

Dinner at Playa Provisions-

my sister who lives in Manhattan Beach choose this restaurant. The food was AWSOME get the pretzel bites and sourdough bread. As well as getting some juice.

Saturday 14th

breakfast at North End Cafe-

My sister suggested this restaurant, so we went there, and it was great down the street in the beachy area. The cafe was on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.


We need some Beyoncé clothes, so we went to the H&M behind soul cycle at the point.

Soul Cycle

My sisters are huge soul cycle fans the biggest of which is Heather, who's birthday is Tuesday, and we arranged to do the birthday celebration of a cupcake with a candle. And we all joined her to celebrate her birthday.

Lunch at the Strand

The Strand is a great restaurant on the beach in Manhattan Beach. The food was great I had a pizza, and it was really great and a special mojito.

drinks in Pasadena We planed to do drinks before the show in Pasadena. We walked around the city part as everyone else had this idea they were all crowded, and we had to settle for a crowded sports bar.

Beyoncé concert- The Beyoncé concert was a success it was fun the uber after was a little confusing.

Sunday 15th

Walk on the beach

I never think of the LA as a beach town, but I really wanted to go to the beach this time. But the weather wasn't great, and we had little time, but we finished the trip with a walk down the beach from my sister's house.

brunch at shutters

final and last stop was supposed to be meeting everyone for brunch, but they all wanted to sleep in after getting home from Beyoncé at 2.

head to the desert finally we head to the desert to catch our plan in the morning.

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