week 1 Modus Internship

Monday 23/05/16

Today was my first day of my internship I arrived 15 minutes early went to reception I was told that Kelly Bell, who was overseeing my internship, was out of office, But Mailo would help me out. We spent the morning doing returns and waiting for couriers. It was great starting off with another intern in returns and it allowed me to start slowly, as the return room is a quite area. I was taught how to input the returns which involve's scanning them into fashion G.P.S and then filling out a sheet for each order. The Fashion G.P.S. application I’m learning is an imperative Application in so many aspects of the fashion world. In the past, I lightly used it working with Vogue for the Met Gala for seating but the sample tracker is completely different is so different, and I can see the value of learning the product before I fully entire the workplace as its such integral product. In the afternoon, I worked upstairs with Coco she taught me how to do outgoing samples, and I worked on those. This is another aspect of G.P.S she also taught me how to do DHL international outgoing products. Finally, Mailo took me on a walk to show me how we take more urgent products out to publication, that is close enough, we took samples to Esquire got them signed off and walk back.

shoes- Soludos

skirt- banana republic

shirt- Zara

jaket- anthropologie

Tuesday 24/05/16

This morning Sophie taught me how to log clothes into the system to crest inventory stickers. I worked on that a bit and then helped redesign the upstairs showroom for a stylist from GQ could come by a choose some pieces as half of the showroom was emptied for a shoot so the other half was filled so we needed to make it look presentable and highlight the men pieces for him. Redesigning the showroom was hard in such a limited space it allowed me to get me to know one of the A.E, Lauren Tate she explained the importance of working with the important stylists like GQ’S creating an open dialogue with stylist so they will think of you and your brands. In the afternoon, we looked for some glasses that had gone missing, the glasses end up being a bigger deal than expected to call around figuring out if it was on our end when they were lost, or if they were lost with the stylist, this made me think how the G.P.S. was so important on our side if there was a way to continue it on to the stylist end they could use the same barcodes and log in to G.P.S. when they arrive and to notify them and us what they shoot and don’t and what they pit in packages together. I also made a run to Elle. I merchandised some samples taking them from the return log area up to the showroom. Finally, I went to Piccadilly to get the even standard for the account executives to look for pieces in the press, unlike most publication the standard comes out every day so it’s important we find the coverage of our brands in the press the others we get weekly A.E. go over it.

shoes- nike

pants- j-crew

shirt- mexico

jacket- cos

Wednesday 25/05/16

This morning I started off by recording all the sunglasses that were still out so we could call them to be returned. Later I merchandised some products as well as worked on some send-outs packaging. Finally, I walked samples to vogue house. Walking the samples to Vogue and other publications allows me to see other aspects of the fashion industry. In the afternoon, I did a walk to Hobbs to pick up samples. Later walking to Victorinox and finally organised and categories sunglasses for Autumn Winter fifteen.

shoes- gucci

Thursday 26/05/16

This morning I finished my sunglasses project and helped with packing up some sample send outs. For lunch, I covered reception so the receptionist could take lunch Sophie showed me what to do which mainly involved opening the door and transferring calls to the intended party. Covering reception allows me to see another job as well as interact with more of the company. In the afternoon, I helped with send outs. And packing old samples up sending to the manufacturer.

Friday 27/05/16

This morning I worked on packing and Rtcs’ (Returned to company). Rtcs’ are an interesting job it requires attention to details as the brands want to see their products are taken care with the most attention. Later I walked to vogue house and picked up some samples from GQ. After getting back, we scanned those samples in and then added them to a new order as well I picked out some new samples in the showroom for the same order and helped package it all up for a courier. In the afternoon I worked on returns with Ariel, I merchandised a few pieces and then help bring up old samples to be RTC-ed. We finished the day off with a going away party for one of the interns and Emma.

dress- french connection

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