Memorial-Day weekend with parents: London

This past weekend my parents joined me in London. I was very excited as they hadn't been in over a year, I had so much I wanted to show them and had planned in the back of my mind as I've gotten to explore so much more of the city in the past two years. Having them in town is a great time to not only show them my favorite things to do and see but try things and do things that I can't usually afford or just don't do since I live here.

9/11 memorial ^

Thursday 26/05/16

London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square: They've stayed all over London and a broad range of Hotels in booth locations and levels of luxury. We really liked this hotel because of the location it's right on Grosvenor Square which is an American square the USA embassy sits at the top, and the square has a bunch of statues of presidents. And a 911 memorial. As well its two blocks away from Oxford Street, three blocks from Bond-street, and about five from Regent Street. As well as just being central do everything but in a nice and quite area looking at the park. As for luxury, its no Ritz but Marriott's have pretty great standard across all hotels with there nice sheets and people.

Piccolino Restaurant: I'm currently working right off Regent Street on Heddon Street. My parents met me here for lunch after checking in me eat at Piccolino Restaurant on Heddon Street. The street is tiny just a few restaurants in a C both outlets are to Heddon Street. The restaurant is excellent the food wasn't fantastic but eating outside on a beautiful day just feet away from the hustle and bustle of Regent Street but sounds and feels like you are nowhere near the hustle and bustle.

C London: One of my favourite restaurants in all of London solely for the cake. It's just around the corner from the hotel. I had picked up a cake a few days prior for a friends birthday. This was the first time I had eaten a whole meal in the past I had just stopped by for desert and picked up the desert. The food is Italian and is pretty good. They've redone it in the previous two years, and everything is tiny like the chairs and wine cups my dad felt for the wine he got gipped. otherwise the food was good.

Hedonism wine-

the first time I visited C London, my friend, I spotted this really cool alcohol shop I made a note of it so I made sure to take my parents this time and actually looked around. The selection is huge we even found high west whisky. But it's the design that blows it over the top.

This is the 9/11 memorial in Grosvenor-Square so beautiful it has all the British that died and says "Grief is the price we pay for love"

Friday 27/05/16

^ at work we had Lola cupcakes one of the intern who's last day it was brought them in

Heddon kitchen- my parents met me for lunch again on Friday this time went to Heddon Kitchen a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. the food was really good i had chicken squwards and mac n cheese the chicken was tiny but my euNtre and THE MAC-N-CHEESE WAS SUPPER RIXCH BUT GOOD. the best was the crem bule deswert with a scoop of strawberry sorbet the

Dean-Street townhouse- I looked up best restaurants in best restaurants in Soho for dinner before the show and found this on time out London I meant to book us some this Chilean-Japanese restaurant (Chotto Matte) but clicked this restaurant instead and was quite good. The food is British, and we ended up enjoying quite a bit. We had drinks prior; on the terrace and it's a lovely experience.

Mo Town musical-

my dad and sisters are huge fans my dad grew up in Chicago and saw all the greats in person back in the day. We loved all of the music its just a bunch of fun I don't really know the music besides the big hits, and I had fun too.

Saturday 28/05/16

Fortnum & Mason

drinks at Claridge's

my mojioto was excellent Claridge's is one of the top hotels in London.

Sketch-lecture hall- For dinner, we eat at sketch which has been London checklist take a wee at sketch (they have these cute egg shaped bathrooms downstairs not connected to the lecture hall.) there is two restaurants and two bars. We eat at the more expensive fluffy restaurant (not the one I was thinking). The food was excellent and fancy I don't ever eat steak, and I had it here and it was delicious the dessert was a bit wired they bring out a bunch of different little plates of bizarre stuff. My strawberry cream tart was excellent.

Sunday 29/05/16

Sunday we walked AROUND KENSINGTON

we had lunch at one of my favorite pizzerias rossopomodoro

from there we walked around Harrods

we had some dessert at the ice cream parlor its so cute AND THE DESERTS ARE SO DELICIOUS


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