Internship: week 2 modus

vest- topshop

shirt-massimo dutti

pants- uniqlo

shoes- paul green

Tuesday 31/5 This morning I worked in returns by myself. It's a nice quite place to get going after a busy three day weekend. In the afternoon we packed up some Sendouts carried them to the carrier. After I did a walk. When I got back, I noticed half of one of the orders I had packed up for the carrier didn't get picked up with everything else luckily it was just for Vouge house so I could walk it over. After we worked on DHLs and RTCs. Lauren Tate and I got to talking about how Etro only allows two shipments a week to be mailed out even though they only give there the PR teams a few samples from the collection. Because of this, they need to send out pieces to the other PR teams. This is Because Etro doesn't want to pay for too many shipments. So modus has to plan with other agencies to decide what's most urgent, and they need longer notice so they can plan. Lauren mentioned that it seems that for most of the companies who have one sample being sent around the world it would be cheaper to produce more samples then pay for all the shipping cost.

sweater- zara

pants- j-crew

shoes- toms

Wednesday 1/6

This morning I started by doing walk after walk, first to Hobbs then back to GQ later I walked to Vouge. I enjoy the walks it's nice to get out and about see some of the city. I also merched some samples. In the afternoon, I helped Sophie put together the modus love board. This board is where you walk in; it has some of the featured pieces from this month's monthlies. This is where we see all the hard work goes to and how they get used in the shoot. Making, the board, was fun, being creative and finding the spreads that work best together making sure you don't cut off pieces that are from us. Later I did a walk to Idris Elba at his hotel. The hotel was a little walk when I arrived they said that they didn't have a reservation for Idris. This seemed to be a conundrum I didn't have the phone number for the office and didn't think they would know anything differently than I had walking back would have taken to long. So I looked up styles online and called her personally. She said she was one her way so I left the bag with concierge and walked back to the office and called it a day.

shirt- jcrew

sweater- argentina

pants- nordstrom rack

Thursday 2/6

This morning I worked on returns downstairs I had to run quite a bit upstairs and down. After Holly took over for me, I did some walks to Vouge and Hearst house on my way to lunch on my way back from lunch I checked back in with vogue since they couldn't find the pickup request the first time. This time, around they discovered that it had been taken by courier that morning. Back at the office, I helped Coco with outgoing samples. I felt like I was finally getting hold outgoings. After they had been all done, I took photos for the database of Etro. I did more returns and then finished by walking to glamour to drop off on my way home.

jacket- gap

shirt- massimo dutti

pants- uniqlo

boots- frye

Friday 3/6 Today was busy this morning we had a race to get all the send outs done. Once the send outs were done Arielle and I went down to do returns and merchandising. We had to run a lot of sample up all the stairs, but Ariel and I switched off to look after deliveries while the other runs up. Later Holly needed help with pm send outs. Before lunch, I watched over reception. Then after lunch, I finished with pm send outs and made some runs one to Hearst, Vouge house and Abracombie.

Questions week 2

What do think of your work place atmosphere?

I find the modus atmosphere very friendly. Most of us choose to eat in the office during lunch which I think speaks highly of the character that we all want to sit and talk with our food even if we went out and got lunch. The office is very open the account executives and everyone flow in and out of the other offices greeted with hi. The office has a kitchenette stocked with fruits and snacks creating an easy going atmosphere. I find the fruits are very helpful when we are running around so much. Since I’ve been there, we’ve had two going away celebrations for which they provide a large spread of food and Prosecco for a nice going away party with a card and a present. As well we’ve had one birthday for which they generally provide a cake but we opted for frozen yoghurt instead, and they accommodated. This whole culture I think makes everyone friendly and work togeather.

Which colleagues have you built a workplace report with? I feel like I have created a great report with all the CC’s (content coordinator) as we work so close, and there’s only 3 of them (Chloe, Coco, and Holly) we are also all about the same age and starting for the most part in the workplace. As well Chris who is the director of an operation works in the same office as us. He’s in and out a lot because he’s high up but we still work close so I we’ve created a report with. As well the AE’s work in close collaboration with the CC’s coming in and out arranging samples they want to be sent out and talking through problems with clients and samples with CC’s. The AE’s I feel I have definitely created a report with are Lauren Tate, Ben, and Jade. Every day I meet more people, for the most part, everyone I meet seems helpful and friendly. Even the delivery men we work we've created report.

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