Journal week 3: modus internship

Monday 6/6/16

This morning I worked on returns by myself. It was busy I worked almost straight through the morning on them with little to no time to stop. In the afternoon, I worked on send outs with Coco. We only had a few, but we had a lot of RTCs this was my first time fully doing RTCs by myself. They are a lot like send outs, but we must be very careful packing the boxes as they are going to our clients and will travel a long way with lots of variables along the way. The hardest part of a RTCs is getting all the samples together some may still be on loan, and we need to arrange to get the back in time to pack it up and send out In time for it to arrive for the others in time. In the case of today, we had two large boxes full of Calvin Klein, and we needed to arrange three looks which were in total probably 9 or 12 pieces. The DHL man arrives somewhere between 5 and six we had all of the looks besides these packed up by 4:30 and was waiting on a courier the Dhl man arrived at 5:33 and the final pieces didn't come till 5:58. When they arrived we need to scan them in and out of our date add adding them to the memo sheet pack the boxes, print the memo insert into the box and then label it onto booth boxes.

Jacket- H&M

jumpsuit- COS

shoes- Paul Green

Tuesday 7/6/16

This morning I worked on some returns upstairs and put them away. I also helped take down spare hangers to returns a few times. Chloe taught me how to do callbacks in which we email stylist about getting products back to us. We looked on Fashion GPS to see which ones needed reminding and then looked up an email on fashion monitor for the lowest person on the team and email them a quick email. I finished the morning cleaning up the showroom. In the afternoon, I finished cleaning the showroom making sure all the products are evenly spaced organized and hung the right way as the showroom is where stylist come. I also helped Chloe with a few send outs and had a walk to a different Hearst house. And finished by working on some international shipping one gifted and RTCs.

blazer- burberry

shirt- Cos



Wednesday 8/6/16

This morning I did a bunch of walks. I started by going to Gant and then on a very long walk to Great-Portland street. When I got back, they had another walk to Vogue. Russia. Which I had to find as it not a part of Vogue House as we thought. Later I covered reception over lunch and took a later lunch. When I got back from lunch, I helped with RTCs. They also needed help getting some gift bags ready for the fashion show, this weekend so I contributed to pack them. Finally, we brought rubbish furniture from the top floor to the ground floor, which took a lot of time. When we finished, we had a few spare minutes before the end of the day and so we got to talking about what the roles of the different levels of PR inside the office.


jumpsuit-Banana Republic


Thursday 9/6/16

This morning I started by helping pack some send outs. Then I added some socks to the inventory on fashion GPS and stocked them. Finally, Chloe and I worked on pulling some samples for requests. In the afternoon I worked on returns, there were a lot of returns to be processed from the morning. One of the returns I processed was a Bally coat that had a huge rip in the armpit. I had to call the EA as I didn't know the appropriate procedure. The AE sent down a publicist on the account to look at the jacket and take photos from there I don't know what they will do but they told me to leave it, and they will take care of it. Finally, Chloe needed my help on a send out so I went up and did then send-outs and walked it to Broadwick Street.

vest- target


pants - Banana Republic

shoes- coach

Friday 10/6/16

This morning I worked with Chloe on send outs. I also booked in some G-star and Merched them and some from the basement. In the afternoon, I Merched some more from the basement as well as did some returns upstairs.

Dress- Alice & Olivia

shoes-Jessica Simpson

Questions week 3

  1. What new things have you learned over the past few weeks?

I have learned lots from the day to day workings of the office, to what PR means in the Fashion world. One of the most important things I have learned in the past three weeks is the use of Fashion GPS. I have learned the application through using it and help from my peers. Fashion GPS is a product made of five different forms: Samples, Event, Styles, Contacts and Radar. For the most at Modus, we use Samples manager to track the samples. On our end, it's just scanning in and out products and creating Send Out forms through the application goes much further up the product analyses the information and creates the stats of what we are sending out, who we are sending to, and who’s sending. This information is helpful with billing our clients, rewarding employees, and measuring our success. On our end though it's most instrumental keeping track of products and finding out who still has our products. Fashion GPS is used by much of the fashion community and whether I am working for Modus or for another PR company or even a different sector of fashion. I know the knowledge of this product will do me well not just to have on my CV but most importantly to be able to be effective and successful in the workplace.

  1. The layout of your workplace- what would you change?

An ELEVATOR. Joking, sort of.I would at least suggest a little lift for products. I feel we waste much of our days moving products such as hangers and merching. Much more could be run much faster with a simple small product lift. With that said I would also consider moving Returns to the same floor as pick-up as we spend much time on products running so we can send out eminently and most of the product goes to the showroom which is one floor above the pickups and five above returns. As well we have to dispose a person down there so they are there for when returns come but returns can be quite, and there is not a lot they can do down there if they were back there they could help out in low points and others would help them in highpoints.

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