Mini Internship With Jimmy Choo

Monday 13/6/16

Today is my first day at jimmy choo. They had me arrive at 10, and I arrived a few minutes early and asked for Alexandra. The first things they had me do was look through newspapers and magazines for coverage on jimmy choo. Something we do at Modus, but there they have AE's do it, but I was happy to dive in a little nervous I might miss something since we are looking for tiny print stating a product's info. I found it funny recognizing modus companies as well as Jimmy Choo. I was able to find a little coverage for Jimmy Choo; they had me tag any coverage in the magazines and then scan in the cover page and the article. After I helped in the closet which is their equivalent of the pick-up office I work in at Modus. Like Modus they use fashion GPS to return and send out products, I was quite proud that I already knew the product and preceding quite well. I did note that they don't upload any photos which I can understand time-wise, but it's quite frustrating looking for products, but the full-time employees know the shoes so well they don't need it. In the afternoon, I helped return some more products. After they taught me the system of the shoes. Shoes are a little different than regular clothes as one size can't fit all. They instead have all the shoes in 37 for photos, as well as a selection of the shoes they also have in "model sizes" which are 39s and up. There are also VIP shoes which are the shoes they loan to celebrities for parties and openings which are the most marked up and wouldn't be suitable for photographs.The shoe aisles are separated by these categories as well as a category for classic shoes that are seasonless. Inside these categories, the shoes are organized differently according to their category VIP is arranged by size while the others are arranged by season then style.

Tuesday 14/6/16

This morning I worked on magazines looking for coverage as well as some newspapers. In the papers, I looked not only for Jimmy Choo coverage but talk about the luxury market and our competitors. After that, I booked out a huge box of VIP shoes by first adding them into the system. Finally, I did a few returns. In the afternoon, I started to find sticker shoes that didn't have stickers but didn't get too far before Laura asked me to help with a presentation about men's musician's collaborations with luxury brands. Putting together what artists they work with the campaigns and if they've created pieces. After awhile, Alex asked if I would pause the presentation and help with returns. Later I got back to the presentation. Before finishing by assisting by putting some returns away.

Wednesday 15/6/16

This morning I worked thoroughly on the presentation. The presentation is focused on menswear, and the past collaboration luxury brands have made particularly commercial products that can be sold. My presentation will be cleaned up by one of the marketing girls and then looked over by the head of marketing and other heads to evaluate what's going on and if and how they want to move forward. I worked on my presentation for almost the rest of the day I needed to work on some shoes that were missing barcodes before the end of the day.

Thursday 16/06/16

This morning I started by looking through the magazines and newspapers. I found a few pieces as well there was some excitement over an ad I found as we were gifted the ad and it was back of the Guardian full page. After looking through them, Alex asked me to work on the cupboard organizing the aisles this task took me all morning and all afternoon make them look nice and organizing by style and heel height color, etc. The hard part about working in the closet is there are seven rows of product all on wheel system shelving. The room is only big enough for one aisle at a time or two very narrow aisles so if somebody needs into the room on a different aisle you either have squeeze or stop in the middle of what you're doing organizing the closet could probably be done much quicker if not for this.

Friday 17/06/16

Today was my last day working with Jimmy Choo. Most of the higher people left today for Milan where they have their men's press day. Alex gave me a list of things to do so when I arrived I started by working in the closet, and I had two last rows left that pretty much took up the day, on Fridays during summer the company works from 9 (rather than 10) and leave at 2. I had some spare time after I finished the closet. With my spare time, Alex had asked me to help Kelly with returns, so I did all the returns and then put them away as I was now an expert on where everything was.

Tour of the office

PR desks ^

view from 11th floor (where we eat) ^v

view from 11th floor (where we eat) ^v

11th floor (where we eat) ^v

sample cupboard (realy closet)^v wheely aisles

sample cupboard (realy closet)^ AW before sorting v 24/7 after i had sorted it

sample cupboard (realy closet)^v 24/7 after i had sorted it

sample cupboard (realy a closet)^v 24/7 after i had sorted it

^thank you notes v returned bags

v the giant box i had to book tuesday

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