Journal: modus week 4

Monday 20/06/16

This morning was my first day back at Modus after my week away. I spent all of the mornings in returns by myself. It was a busy morning in returns with so many returns coming in, and then there was a leak from the rain, as well we had a wrong return. Wrong returns are when a magazine sends a brand's product that we don't represent in this case we need to find the brands representation via Fashion Monitor, a service that provides fashion news and fashion contacts for registered customers. Once we find the brands representation we email the lowest person there and they will set up a pick. Observing this I feel the magazines should have to pay for the transfer of products as it's their fault and otherwise there's no incentive to be more careful in the future. Overall it was good to be back, and being in returns was good because I was sick, so it was nice to have something with very little physical exertion to do. In the afternoon I did a walk to Hobbs. Though when I arrived at Hobbs, there was some confusion, by management, who had called and what was called for after calling the office we figured it out. They asked me to have the office always ask for management and explained why, when I got back to the office a relayed the message to Ben, who's head of the account. Finally, I helped package some send outs and then helped Chloe in returns.

jumpsuit- loft


belt- J-Crew X Liberty (OLD)

Tuesday 21/06/16

This morning I worked with Holly in returns, it was pretty busy but having two people down there helped a lot, it was also nice to talk with Holly and get to know her better. In the afternoon I worked a bit on sendouts, and helped bring them to the van. After that we had a big order that was urgent so we needed all the interns to walk it to Vogue House. When we got back I started to help Chloe on a project, but before I could start Coco realised she sent one bag with everything to Vogue that was supposed to go to a shoot at a studio, rather than the actual Vogue house. She sent me to retrieve it when I got there an intern from Vogue was down and said she could just send it over, rather than me walk back and have it sent, so after calling back to Coco and making sure it was all good I walked back. After coming back Chloe had me work on G-Star. First, I checked a few shoes to make sure they were logged as the right season then I uploaded photos once I finished that there was a box full of Calvin Klein SS17, so I started book it in.

shirt-massimo dutti

pants- nordstrom (simliar)

shirt-massimo dutti

Wednesday 22/06/16

Today I worked all day on on the Calvin Klein booking in. I started by adding details for every sample and that creates a sample in Fashion GPS: this includes brand, season, product line, product type, Colour, item type, item code and then a description. This must be done to the specifications of Chloe, or whoever on the brand, as she will be looking it up and so it all needs to be to her specifications. Calvin Klein is done with all uppercase letters, and to make sure she can find it I would check with her about item type (British name vs American name) and color as they might not be the color Chloe would recall it as. This can seem tedious, but the samples are pretty much everything we do so if someone were to email us about a look we need to be able to send it out, or if we need something general like a black t-shirt everything we have needs to come up. Once I finished this, I took photos of all products against the white background. This took me all morning and then I worked as the receptionist over lunch and took a late lunch. When I got back from lunch I started downloading the photos and then uploading them to the system for the products. Once all were uploaded I printed all the barcodes and stickered to the samples. Finally all the products needed to be brought downstairs. Overall this took the longest time any project they have asked me to do, for me, this was good because I had a job I knew to do all day and didn't need always to be asking. I had a little extra time so I worked on packing DHL's and RTCs.

shoes- Liberty X Nike

jeans- Banana Republic

shirt- madewell

scarf- gucci

Thursday 23/06/16

This morning I work in returns, last night was rainy and the trains tracks were flooded, so Chloe wasn't able to come in and so I took over for her in the returns room. In the afternoon I worked on send-outs with Coco. We first had an urgent to do and then run down to our carriour, Pete. After we continued with our other send-outs we had a few. After we finished multis there was an urgent for Elle from Lauren as we got started A.E. after A.E. came in adding more and more stuff when we finally got it together Ariel helped me take it to Elle. When we got back to the office we worked of DHLs for the rest of the day.

Friday 24/06/16

This morning I started by helping Coco with sendouts, there wasn't to many so when we finished I did some returns as there was no one in the basement and we lock the door and leave a note for all other deliveries to be taken upstairs. I did all the ones we had and merched them as well as went down to the basement to look for some socks for Coco. I had to do this twice because coco didn't know we need 2 pairs of each colour. When that was finished there was a box of Falke kids socks I started it before lunch and then resumed it after. After lunch, Chloe also asked if I could do a walk and pick up some magazines we had the cover coverage on. I picked them up and then got back to work on the socks. I didn't get to much farther when Kelly asked if I could open the downstairs and do returns. Downstairs I first logged some returns Sophie had done in the morning because she didn't have time to input them into the spreadsheet and then I had worked on the socks before some returns came in and I had to return to them and then worked on the socks before calling it a week.

In what ways have the knowledges, theory and skills gained from class work come in useful when applied to work settings?

One of the most useful tools has been knowledge of Excell from Computer application, as we do have quite a few things we need to keep on a spreadsheet. Knowledge of the different brands that we talk about in many classes is very helpful as we are working close with brands and talking about a brand image like in we talked about in fashion marketing. For example, one brand we represent is Abarocombie, who has been through a lot of branding in recent years, one day we were sending out some gifting and for that, we traditionally send it in the brands bag Sophie was surprised there wasn't a half naked sexualized man on the bag Jade (the Abracombie AE), and I got into talking about their big rebranding away from that since there CEO's offensive remarks a few years ago. Knowing impressed Jade as she knew I had prior knowledge of these factors. Brands image also comes up often as we have to check with AE's to see if the magazine or person fits into the brand's image. Finally, in an indirect way, I think back to managerial accounting as everything we do to be billed to a Clients. The CC's need to fill out a time sheet each week to show much time they spent on clients' so the accounting team can bill these hours, as well we must think about how much we are sending out on ups and urgents because those get billed to clients. This type of billing we talked about managerial accounting and even though I'm not billing the clients its interesting seeing how this knowledge can be applied to the fashion industry and haveing prior knowledge of this allows me to understand why we do certain things.


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