Summer of discovery: Spitalfield market and Shoreditch

THERES SO MUCH TO SEE IN LONDON and I'm always saying things I want to do, but with school, homework and the weather I never end up doing much but with this summer internship I am here during the best weather and little to none homework to do on the weekends. Some are a continuation of my LONDON CHECKLIST some I've heard of and feel are perfect for the summer.



  3. Spitalfield market

  4. borough market

  5. Shoreditch

  6. Primrose hill

  7. kew Gardens

  8. english seaside

  9. more of england.........

This weekend I went off to see what Shoreditch and Spitalfields market is about. As you can notice they are on my list, separately that is because I didn't realize that Spitalfields market was in Shoreditch until I was going over my list of things to do with my work colleagues informed me Spitalfields was in Shoreditch. Sunday I decided to go out and see what I could unfortunately the circle line was out of service this weekend, but it turned out to be a good thing because I was able to walk around bank up to Shoreditch and get to see more of the city. Spitalfield is open 7 days a week so no worries about missing the day but I did find out on Sundays it opens at 9 (good for me as stores in England don't open till 12 legally if at all on Sundays and I am an early riser) I didn't arrive until 11 ish and it was definitely starting to get busy. After exploring the area, I found beautiful street art and more markets.

v^ monument where I had to get off the tube since, the circle line wasn't running

the walk from Monument to Spitalfields

I got off track when i found this beautiful old church propped perfectly in front of the modern gerkin building.

v^ so much art

^ one of my favorite photos

^ prettiest tescos EVER

^ liverpool station where I Could have taken the circle line to

^ this cool restaurant is so shoreditch its so hard to handle

v^entrance to Spitalfield market those ladies are so shoreditch when i was walking latter there was all these people asking to take their picture. (her boots have the union jack all over them.

V i came back to get one of these donuts latter, very good!!!!

All Saints full name is originally All Saints Spitalfield this is kitty corner from the market.

V^another market i came across

V so many different types of food

the art seriously

v ^another market

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