Week 5: Modus

Monday 27th of June

jacket- j-crew

shirt- madewell


trainers- nike

Tuesday 28th of June

vest- Topshop

shirt- Banana Republic

pants-massimo dutti

shoes- paul green

Wednesday 29th of June

shirt- target

pants-& other stories

shoes- jessica simpson

Thursday 30th of June

jacket- Helene london (simialar)

shirt- BCBG

Week five was busy some of the same old same others things that came up that were new. On Monday we had one of the biggest events yet when one of two watches that had been returned on Friday at the very end of the day had gone missing. We spent most of the day looking for the watch. The watch was picked up by our courier, Pete, and had been picked up from him by Coco and taken to the collection room. The watches are supposed to go right to the safe in the basement no one knew the code and somehow with everything going on a Friday night no one took care of it. Monday morning one of AE's came to collect, and we went through everything we knew happened. The watch missing not only cost around £4,000 but would also mean we would need to tell Bell & Ross and could hurt our relationship with them. I also helped book in Bally and Hobbs and finished my Falke book in from Friday afternoon. I also watched reception over lunch and worked on SendOuts which were very busy and DHLs. Tuesday morning the watch had been found before I arrived speciously somewhere, where we all looked a bunch. Tuesday was also Stock Day, Stock Day the CC’s work solely on Stock Checks. That is making sure all their samples are accounted for. We print off on GPS all the samples that are checked in. We then mark off each product as we find it and then check in products not registered. If we can't find a product, we need to look for where it could be. As we are accountable for all the products and don't want to loose products. They do this every other Tuesday all though somehow I just hadn’t encountered it yet so Chloe taught me how to do stock sheets, and I worked on Pal Zileri and then Bally for Coco. I also worked in returns and did some walks to Hearst. Wednesday I worked on send outs again and marching product. As well Chloe thought me how to do Tracking an excel document where we keep track of a particular company saying who we are sending out to and what we are sending and what they asked for. I did this for each of the Calvin Klein lines: Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein platinum, Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein swim. I also helped upload photos for Calvin Klein. Thursday we worked on send outs Ben (an AE) had a freak out because one of the samples were sent to the wrong person but since the send-out, I had sent had the correct dividers from the rail it wasn’t my fault but it still freaked Ben out. I also worked on returns, but since it was slow I worked on Falke booking in. Then picked up a package at Hearst and was supposed to pick-up from Abercrombie but they didn’t know what was going on on Friday after I finished the morning send outs they sent me back to Abercrombie to pick up after dropping off at Vogue House. For lunch, we ordered food to celebrate Sophie’s Birthday, so I took orders and then ordered it. Natalie picked up while I covered reception. We celebrated then worked on sendouts and Dhl’s.

Week 5 question

Whether you work for a large, medium-sized or small organization, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

I would consider Modus, a medium organization. The benefits of this size organization would be first of the team size. I don’t know the exact team size, but I would say 3 CC’s, three interns, 8 AE’s, six publicist and maybe eight administrative people. With this amount of people some 25 maybe 30 people that company is large enough that you’re not always with the same people and feel claustrophobic, though I would say that it's small enough that almost everyone knows everyone and feels comfortable asking others to help and do stuff. From a working point of view advantages of this smallish group of people means there’s easy communication for say joint-brand publicizing that is to say when one magazine thinks of one brand for a certain shoot, and they send in a prompt. Then other every AE and publicist who cares to work with that brand has a chance to add to that particular prompt. This works effectively for lesser name brands to get more traction as well for new AE’s who haven’t created relationships with editors and publicist and so they wouldn’t think to ask them for samples. If you end up sending products, they like particularly if they end up shooting your product this symbiotic relationship works incredibly well for you. As for the advantages from outside the agency. Not only does the name already have some friction from editors and stylist, but from others in the industry, Who know who you are which can be helpful in the future when applying for other jobs. This is also helpful bring clients like Calvin Klein, who brings clients such as Bally and Etro. Who want to work with an agency who have already worked with luxury brands similar to theirs. Drawbacks of a medium size organization start with clients who might want a little more attention than a company who has some 30- 60 brands to manage. Other disadvantages for brands and employees is the influence of an organization our size with only the one agency in London and work for the most part only within London and some of England. Because of this, there is not a unified team working from country to country we just have the one office and have to work with other agencies who might have different agendas. There also might be cost advantage to companies to work with agencies with multiple locations, work with London and Paris get Milan free or something like that. As well with not a large agency the “brand” recognition isn’t as immediate as I would imagine some be more well known particularly in other countries.


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