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Continuing on my goal to explore more of England this summer I booked a trip to York. Based on of course a great deal at Marriott and seeing images that made the town look like Hogsmeade (from harry potter). I did know a little more than from my trip to Bournemouth. I had asked around about what people thought of York they had said it was cute, and I should definitely go, on my way out of the city a friend had mentioned this place called Betty's bakery, so I made a note of it and headed off. After haveing gone I think it should definitely be on peoples England is checklist as its that Tudor/mid-evil England is so known for. so i made a note of it and headed off.

I took a train from King's Cross Friday straight from work the train takes just under 2 hrs if you get a direct train. I love taking the train it something I haven't always done as west coast american, but I've started to do it more as get farther away from home I've gotten to take it more and more and love the hassle free-ness of it and the ability to see the countryside.

The Marriott I stayed at was nice it's about 1.5 miles from The enclosed old city. the hotel has a pool and lovely gardens. The lady at check in was actually the most helpful of anyone she told me exactly what I would want to see and pointed it out on a map.

Saturday morning I decided to walk into town (GOT TO GET MY STEPS IN) the walk takes 30 or so minutes and is quite nice, but there is a bus you can take instead. I always start my day with a Starbucks, so I looked it up and found one, it turned out to be a good choice because it was right in town by the shops on the high street. The Starbucks was so beautiful it was converted bank.

the town

I walked around the shops just loving how idyllic the city is I kept on thinking it's so perfect it's like Disneyland fake perfect towns, but it's real.



After wandering through the town, I came to the castle The lady at check-in had recommended. the castle sits on a hill and is a little bit or hike up the stairs at the top they sell tickets its £5 not bad, the views from the top are cute beautiful the day I was in York it was on and off raining and the top cleared out, so it was quite unusual.


The museum sits at the bottom of the hill from the castle its another £5 it's quite sweet with lots of little areas inside from the toy exhibit to a fashion exhibit to a Victorian town built within and then there's a little mill outside you can visit. It was great since it had started raining again.

Walk along the River

I walked back into town along one river bank and put in Bettys; it turned out it was just around the corner from the Starbucks. There was a line to eat, but you could just get cookies to go so I did. Then walked along the river again heading back.


When I got to the edge of town, i decided to walk on the wall for a bit as that had been suggested the walk cool just seeing another aspect of the city. I only walked a quarter of it, from one side of the river to the opening where I walked into town and from there I headed back to the hotel.

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