Modus - week 6

Monday July 4th

shirt- target

skirt- jcrew

jacket- burberry

shoes- madwell X Berkienstock

Tuesday July 5th



Wednesday July 6th

shirt- jcrew


jacket- BCBG

shoes- Gucci

Thursday July 7th

jacket- J-Crew

romper- Loft

shoes- Paul Green

Friday July 8th

jacket- bcbg


shoes- jessica simpson

This week was a weird week: busy in some aspects and very quiet in others. For starters, we had three junior interns with us. These were kids under 18 working with us just for a week. In some ways, it was a help because they could do some work. It also meant we had to find them some work as Kelly wanted them to learn about all the aspects of our business not just give them dirty work. Since they were younger, we also needed to act appropriately and supervise them. As well as the junior interns next Wednesday the 13th we will have a Press Day called Christmas in July. The press day will not be a full blown one as it's a for niche time period and products, but it does still take time and energy to set-up for that day. On top of all this Monday was 4th July and as the only American I took care of decorating the office and taking orders for a special 4th of July American lunch. As well I helped with send outs in the morning and the afternoons. As well as doing some walk to Hearst. Kelly gathered all the showroom staff to talk about the proper procedure for everything and what we need to work on as well as how the other teams can do better to help us. I also worked on the DHLs for the day and started morning multi. Tuesday I worked on returns all morning returns all morning and then took the junior interns on a walk to Hearst, the walk allowed me to explain what we do and why to do stuff. Before lunch I covered reception then after lunch, I helped sort through the hangers we send products out on throw away any with brand logos or weren't black. As well working on DHLs and taking one of the junior interns to Piccadilly circus for the evening standard. We then help finish DHLs and explained to her what they were and what they were about. As well as start morning multi’s. Wednesday I again worked on returns all morning and then send outs in the afternoon as well as the DHLs. It was a quiet day, and we wanted to give extra jobs to the junior interns, so they had a full experience. Thursday morning I worked on taking photos for the products coming in for Christmas in July. Uploading took a while, so I did a walk to Vogue and Hearst while waiting for them and came back and added them to the system. After I did another walk to Glamour on my way to lunch. In the afternoon I helped the Junior Interns with packing up the showroom for Christmas in July event. The Jr. Interns had been doing this during the morning, so they already had a handle on it. Though my knowledge of brands and prior working in the showroom was needed as we needed to package the brands all the accessories into a box and be careful labeling them as the AEs would continue to need the products and be able to reach them for pulling purposes. The task was to take all the accessories and package them. The Jr. interns had been told to touch the sunglasses so I checked with Kelly and put them in a bag in collection room so they wouldn’t get lost in the basement with everything else. I also took care of the watches making sure they got to the safe as I knew how expensive they were and how important it was they were taken care of. For the other products, we boxed them and labeled them though we quickly ran out of boxes and needed to improvise with Etro bags and suitcases. On Friday morning Kelly hired men to bring the boxes and all the clothes and most of the furniture from the top floor to the basement. Though on Thursday I finished the Thursday by helping teach the Jr.’s about stock check and then I helped in returns and finally with RTCs. Friday I did returns all morning there was a lot of boxes and of course, the moving men were coming in and out filling up space as well as AE’s looking for their moving samples. As well the there was no marching as nothing had a place to go. I also covered reception but only for a half hour as there was a meeting and the temp receptionist needed to prepare for that. Once I finished lunch I needed to help with moving the furniture as the men didn’t have enough time in the morning to do it all. We also worked on taking multis. Finally, we did some prep for press day as we put together decorations and furniture. And finished all off with going away party for Ariel while busily working on DHLs.

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