Summer of discovery: Wimbledon

On my list for the summer was Wimbledon as it only happens once a year and I'm normally not here for it. It's been going on for two weeks now, and there's always a ticket you can queue for, but I had no one who wanted to go with me until last weekend. A friend from Utah asked if I would go with her to it and queue I said yes not realizing we were already at the finals. So we went back and forth as I found out that they sell all the match tickets for the last four days prior, but they have a certain amount of grounds tickets they hold which means you can go and roam around go to the shop and sit on the hill. So we ended up doing just that.

Sunday the 10th we planned to meet at 8 am at Earls Court and from there head to Wimbledon. I had done some research and found out the queue opens at 9 am but people queued for the queue, so I figured getting there before it opened would give us a good shot but any earlier than 8 am I was not willing to do.

Though the tube is to Wimbledon, the station you actually get off at is Southfield. Which is two stops before the end stop of Wimbledon District line. This is apparent because of the decorations at this stop. From there the walk is just 5 minutes to the queue with big signs pointing you.

At the grounds, they have different sections of the queue and it's very structured. The first 1500 people get to stand in the direct queue and are promised to get in. (we were 1520) They had us line up behind signs and gave us queue cards. Wimbledon takes queuing very seriously, one person per queue spot.

our line^ the first 1500 were lined up at the gate closer in.

We stood in this spot from 8:20-10:40 people come very prepared as you can see. There's also this very social aspect I'm not normally one to be social, but even we got chatty with everyone. The guy in front of us had been to Wimbledon almost every year for the past 40 years.

After they let the first 1500 in the gate at 10:30 they moved us to the gate and we stood there and were told we would be allowed in 100 people at a time. we stood waiting for the first 100 people for maybe 20 minutes and then they lead us in.

this is technically the proper queue they have it decorated all cute.

there's brand spots set up with fun things to do.

finally, we waited again I don't know what for. after we waited they took us through to security checkpoint making sure we walked in single file and in the proper order of queue card. My friend was 1520, and I was 1521 , and we needed to step in accordingly, and they checked. They also hand stickers saying I queued in the sun for Wimbledon.

after security you walk over the bridge and finally into the campus and purchase the tickets CASH ONLY its £8 for ground accesses.

Inside we had three objectives

1) go to the shop

2) get strawberries and cream (a wimbledon tradition) we also got pimms a british summer drink

3) sit on Henman Hill and enjoy some tennis.

we saw the first-ever awarding of the Wimbledon champion of singles wheelchair tennis.


basically, we came we saw we conquered.



  3. Spitalfield market (26/06/2016)

  4. borough market

  5. Shoreditch (26/06/2016)

  6. Primrose hill

  7. kew Gardens

  8. Wimbeldon

  9. English seaside

  10. ​Bournemouth (18/06/2016)

  11. more of england. outside of London

  12. York (3/07/2016)

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